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Alex Balhatchet > Geo-Coder-Many-0.46-5


This Release Geo-Coder-Many-0.46-5  [Download] [Browse 04 Jun 2014
Latest Release Geo-Coder-Many-0.47  [Download] [Browse 30 Jan 2017
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Special Files


Geo::Coder::Many Module to tie together multiple Geo::Coder::* modules     0.46
Geo::Coder::Many::Bing Plugin for the Bing geocoder     0.02
Geo::Coder::Many::Generic Base plugin class     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Google Plugin for the google maps geocoder     0.02
Geo::Coder::Many::Googlev3 Plugin for version 3 of the google maps geocoder     0.02
Geo::Coder::Many::Mapquest Mapquest plugin Geo::Coder::Many     0.02
Geo::Coder::Many::OSM OpenStreetMap Nominatim plugin for Geo::Coder::Many     0.02
Geo::Coder::Many::OpenCage OpenCage plugin for Geo::Coder::Many     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Ovi Ovi plugin Geo::Coder::Many     0.02
Geo::Coder::Many::PlaceFinder Yahoo PlaceFinder plugin for Geo::Coder::Many     0.03
Geo::Coder::Many::Response standard geocoder response container object     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler Abstract base class for schedulers.     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::OrderedList Ordered list scheduler     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::Selective Scheduler that times out bad geocoders     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::UniquenessScheduler Scheduler base class which ensures uniqueness     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::UniquenessScheduler::WRR Weighted Round Robin scheduler (default)     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::UniquenessScheduler::WeightedRandom     0.01
Geo::Coder::Many::Util     0.01


Geo::Coder::Many::Scheduler::WeightedRandom Weighted random scheduler