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Dmitry Karasik > IO-Lambda


This Release IO-Lambda-1.26  [Download] [Browse 04 Jan 2016
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Special Files


IO::Lambda non-blocking I/O as lambda calculus     1.26
IO::Lambda::Backtrace backtrace chains of events      
IO::Lambda::Compat compatibility with pre-v1.00 version API      
IO::Lambda::DBI asynchronous DBI      
IO::Lambda::DNS DNS queries lambda style      
IO::Lambda::Flock lambda-style file locking      
IO::Lambda::Fork wait for blocking code in children processes      
IO::Lambda::HTTP http requests lambda style      
IO::Lambda::HTTP::Authen::NTLM library for enabling NTLM authentication in IO::Lambda::HTTP      
IO::Lambda::HTTP::HTTPS https requests lambda style      
IO::Lambda::Loop::AnyEvent AnyEvent event loop for IO::Lambda      
IO::Lambda::Loop::POE POE event loop for IO::Lambda      
IO::Lambda::Loop::Prima Prima-based event loop for IO::Lambda      
IO::Lambda::Loop::Select select(2)-based event loop for IO::Lambda      
IO::Lambda::Message message passing queue      
IO::Lambda::Mutex wait for a shared resource      
IO::Lambda::Poll emulate asynchronous behavior by polling      
IO::Lambda::SNMP snmp requests lambda style      
IO::Lambda::Signal wait for pids and signals      
IO::Lambda::Socket wrapper condition for socket functions      
IO::Lambda::Thread wait for blocking code using threads      
IO::Lambda::Throttle rate-limiting facility