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This Release Prima-1.38  [Download] [Browse 01 Apr 2014
Latest Release Prima-1.46  [Download] [Browse 16 Mar 2016
Latest Dev. Release Prima-1.46_1  [Download] [Browse 12 Apr 2016
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License The (two-clause) FreeBSD License
Special Files


Prima a perl graphic toolkit     1.38
Prima::Application root of widget objects hierarchy      
Prima::Buttons button widgets and grouping widgets.      
Prima::Calendar standard calendar widget      
Prima::ColorDialog standard color selection facilities      
Prima::ComboBox standard combo box widget      
Prima::Const predefined constants      
Prima::CurvedText fit text to path      
Prima::DetailedList a multi-column list viewer with controlling header widget.      
Prima::DetailedOutline a multi-column outline viewer with controlling header widget.     0.01
Prima::DockManager advanced dockable widgets      
Prima::Docks dockable widgets      
Prima::Edit standard text editing widget      
Prima::EventHook event filtering      
Prima::FileDialog File system related widgets and dialogs.      
Prima::FontDialog standard font dialog      
Prima::FrameSet standard frameset widget      
Prima::Header a multi-tabbed header widget.      
Prima::HelpViewer the built-in pod file browser      
Prima::Image::AnimateGIF animate gif files      
Prima::Image::TransparencyControl standard dialog for transparent color index selection.      
Prima::ImageDialog file open and save dialogs.      
Prima::ImageViewer standard image, icon, and bitmap viewer class.      
Prima::IniFile support of Windows-like initialization files      
Prima::InputLine standard input line widget      
Prima::IntUtils internal functions      
Prima::KeySelector key combination widget and routines      
Prima::Label static text widget      
Prima::Lists user-selectable item list widgets      
Prima::MDI top-level windows emulation classes      
Prima::MsgBox standard message and input dialog boxes      
Prima::PS::Drawable PostScript interface to Prima::Drawable      
Prima::PS::Encodings manage latin-based encodings      
Prima::PS::Fonts PostScript device fonts metrics      
Prima::PS::Printer PostScript interface to Prima::Printer      
Prima::PodView POD browser widget      
Prima::RubberBand draw rubberbands      
Prima::ScrollBar standard scroll bars class      
Prima::ScrollWidget scrollable generic document widget.      
Prima::StartupWindow a simplistic startup banner window      
Prima::StdBitmap shared access to the standard toolkit bitmaps      
Prima::TextView rich text browser widget      
Prima::Themes object themes management      
Prima::Utils miscellanneous routines      
Prima::VB::CfgMaint maintains visual builder widget palette configuration.      
Prima::VB::Classes Visual Builder widgets and types      
Prima::VB::VBLoader Visual Builder file loader      
Prima::sys::gtk2::FileDialog GTK2 file system dialogs.      
Prima::sys::win32::FileDialog Windows file system dialogs.      


A minimalistic graphic editor window  
An input line  
Animate using Prima::Image::AnimateGIF  
Docking widgets  
Escher's Impossible Triangle  
Prima::Classes binder module for the built-in classes.  
Prima::Clipboard GUI interprocess data exchange  
Prima::Drawable 2-D graphic interface  
Prima::ExtLists extended functionality for list boxes  
Prima::File asynchronous stream I/O.  
Prima::Grids grid widgets  
Prima::Image Bitmap routines  
Prima::Menu pull-down and pop-up menu objects  
Prima::Notebooks multipage widgets  
Prima::Object Prima toolkit base classes  
Prima::Outlines tree view widgets  
Prima::PrintDialog standard printer setup dialog  
Prima::Printer system printing services  
Prima::ReplaceDialog standard interface dialogs to find and replace options selection.  
Prima::Sliders sliding bars, spin buttons and input lines, dial widget etc.  
Prima::StdDlg wrapper module to the toolkit standard dialogs  
Prima::Stress stress test module  
Prima::Tie tie widget properties to scalars or arrays.  
Prima::Timer programmable periodical events  
Prima::Widget window management  
Prima::Widget::pack Geometry manager that packs around edges of cavity  
Prima::Widget::place Geometry manager for fixed or rubber-sheet placement  
Prima::Widgets miscellaneous widget classes  
Prima::Window top-level window management  
Prima::X11 usage guide for X11 environment  
Prima::codecs How to write a codec for Prima image subsystem  
Prima::faq Frequently asked questions about Prima  
Prima::gp-problems Problems, questionable or intricate topics in 2-D Graphics  
Prima::image-load Using image subsystem  
Prima::internals Prima internal architecture  
Prima::noX11 Use Prima without X11  
Prima::tutorial introductory tutorial  
Standard calendar widget  
Theme selector  
VB Visual Builder for the Prima toolkit example of using asynchonous communication with a process  
cfgmaint configuration tool for Visual Builder  
gencls class interface compiler for Prima core modules