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Source   Latest Release: Prima-1.52


Prima::Label - static text widget


The class is designed for display of text, and assumes no user interaction. The text output capabilities include wrapping, horizontal and vertical alignment, and automatic widget resizing to match text extension. If text contains a tilde-escaped ( hot ) character, the label can explicitly focus the specified widget upon press of the character key, what feature is useful for dialog design.


        my $label = Prima::Label-> create(
                text      => 'Enter ~name:',
                focusLink => $name_inputline,
                alignment => ta::Center,



alignment INTEGER

One of the following ta::XXX constants:


Selects the horizontal text alignment.

Default value: ta::Left

autoHeight BOOLEAN

If 1, the widget height is automatically changed as text extensions change.

Default value: 0

autoWidth BOOLEAN

If 1, the widget width is automatically changed as text extensions change.

Default value: 1

focusLink WIDGET

Points to a widget or a widget name (has to be a sibling widget), which is explicitly focused when the user presses the combination of a hot key with the Alt key.

Prima::Label does not provide a separate property to access the hot key value, however it can be read from the {accel} variable.

Default value: undef.

showAccelChar BOOLEAN

If 0, the tilde ( ~ ) character is collapsed from the text, and the hot character is underlined. When the user presses combination of the escaped character with the Alt key, the focusLink widget is explicitly focused.

If 1, the text is showed as is, and no hot character is underlined. Key combinations with Alt key are not recognized.

Default value: 0

showPartial BOOLEAN

Used to determine if the last line of text should be drawn if it can not be vertically fit in the widget interior. If 1, the last line is shown even if not visible in full. If 0, only full lines are drawn.

Default value: 1

wordWrap BOOLEAN

If 1, the text is wrapped if it can not be horizontally fit in the widget interior.

If 0, the text is not wrapped unless new line characters are present in the text.

New line characters signal line wrapping with no respect to wordWrap property value.

Default value: 0

valignment INTEGER

One of the following ta::XXX constants:

        ta::Middle or ta::Center

Selects the vertical text alignment.

NB: ta::Middle value is not equal to ta::Center's, however the both constants produce equal effect here.

Default value: ta::Top


Dmitry Karasik, <>.


Prima, Prima::Widget, examples/

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