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start_server - a superdaemon for hot-deploying server programs


  start_server [options] -- server-prog server-arg1 server-arg2 ...

  # start Plack using Starlet listening at TCP port 8000
  start_server --port=8000 -- plackup -s Starlet --max-workers=100 index.psgi


This script is a frontend of Server::Starter. For more information please refer to the documentation of the module.



TCP port to listen to (if omitted, will not bind to any ports)


path at where to listen using unix socket (optional)


working directory, start_server do chdir to before exec (optional)


minimum interval to respawn the server program (default: 1)


name of the signal to be sent to the server process when start_server receives a SIGHUP (default: SIGTERM). If you use this option, be sure to also use --signal-on-term below.


name of the signal to be sent to the server process when start_server receives a SIGTERM (default: SIGTERM)


if set, writes the process id of the start_server process to the file


if set, writes the status of the server process(es) to the file


this is a wrapper command that reads the pid of the start_server process from --pid-file, sends SIGHUP to the process and waits until the server(s) of the older generation(s) die by monitoring the contents of the --status-file


prints this help


prints the version number


Kazuho Oku




This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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