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Module Version: 0.003002   Source  


Dist::Zilla::App::Command::dumpwith - Dump all plugins that 'do' a certain role


version 0.003002


  cd $PROJECT;
  dzil dumpwith -- -VersionProvider

  dzil dumpwith --color-theme=basic::plain -- -FileGatherer   # plain text
  dzil dumpwith --color-theme=basic::green -- -BeforeRelease  # green text

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This command, like its sibling dumpphases, exists to help make understanding what is going on in Dist::Zilla a little easier.

At least, having this command means debugging certain kinds of problems is more obvious.

If you want to see all plugins that are adding files to your dist?

    dzil dumpwith -- -FileGatherer

Though, of course, this requires some knowledge of what roles are applicable.

If you want to turn colors off, use Term::ANSIcolor's environment variable ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED. E.g.,

    ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED=1 dzil dumpphases

Alternatively, specify a color-free theme:

    dzil dumpwith --color-theme=basic::plain -- -VersionProvider


Prior to Dist::Zilla 6.0, the format

  dzil dumpwith -VersionProvider

Was fine.

However, since Dist::Zilla 6.0, Dist::Zilla maps -V to verbose.

To work around this problem on Dist::Zilla 6.0 or later, you need to either not use short-hands for roles,

  # dzil dumpwith -VersionProvider
  dzil dumpwith Dist::Zilla::Role::VersionProvider

Or place all the role names (and only role names) after a --

  dzil dumpwith --color=... -- -VersionProvider -OtherRole --color-ThisIsAlsoARoleBTWSoDontDoThis

Any suggestions welcome for how I can detect this problem case happening and report it, but the data appears now outside of a scope I can probe.


Kent Fredric <>


This software is copyright (c) 2017 by Kent Fredric <>.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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