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This Release Path-IsDev-1.001003  [Download] [Browse 09 Mar 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Path::IsDev Determine if a given Path resembles a development source tree     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Changelog Determine if a path contains a Changelog (or similar)     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::DevDirMarker Determine if a path contains a .devdir file     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::META Determine if a path contains META.(json|yml)     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::MYMETA Determine if a path contains MYMETA.(json|yml)     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Makefile Determine if a path contains a Makefile     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::TestDir Determine if a path contains a t/ or xt/ directory     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::Dzil Determine if a path is a Dist::Zilla Source tree     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::MakeMaker Determine if a path is an ExtUtils::MakeMaker Tooled source directory     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::Tool::ModuleBuild Determine if a path is a Module::Build Source tree     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Heuristic::VCS::Git Determine if a path contains a .git repository     1.001003
Path::IsDev::HeuristicSet::Basic Basic IsDev set of Heuristics     1.001003
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::HomeDir User home directories are not development roots     1.001003
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::IsDev::IgnoreFile An explicit exclusion file heuristic     1.001003
Path::IsDev::NegativeHeuristic::PerlINC White-list paths in as being non-development roots.     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Object Object Oriented guts for IsDev export     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Result Result container     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::Heuristic Base role for Heuristic things.     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::HeuristicSet Role for sets of Heuristics.     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::HeuristicSet::Simple Simple excludes/includes set     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp Match when a path has a child file matching an expression     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::BaseName::MatchRegexp::File Match if any children have basename's that match a regexp and are files     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any Match if any of a list of children exists     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any::Dir Match if a path contains one of any of a list of directories     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::Child::Exists::Any::File Match if a path contains one of any of a list of files     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::Matcher::FullPath::Is::Any Match if the current directory is the same directory from a list of absolute paths.     1.001003
Path::IsDev::Role::NegativeHeuristic Base role for Negative Heuristic things.     1.001003