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This Release Spark-Form-0.2103-TRIAL  [Download] [Browse 12 Jun 2011 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
Latest Release Spark-Form-0.2102  [Download] [Browse 13 Sep 2009
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Spark::Form A simple yet powerful forms validation system that promotes reuse.     0.2103
Spark::Form::FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Spark::Form     0.2103
Spark::Form::Field Superclass for all Form Fields     0.2103
Spark::Form::Field::Role::Printable Printability for form fields     0.2103
Spark::Form::Field::Role::Printable::HTML a HTML4-printable form field role     0.2103
Spark::Form::Field::Role::Printable::XHTML a XHTML1-printable form field role     0.2103
Spark::Form::Printer interface for form printers for Spark::Form     0.2103
Spark::Form::Printer::HTML the interface a HTML-printing form printer needs to implement     0.2103
Spark::Form::Printer::XHTML the interface an XHTML-printing form printer needs to implement     0.2103
Spark::Form::Role::ErrorStore A mix-in for adding an internal error storage mechanism.     0.2103
Spark::Form::Role::Validity Common Code for determining the validity of a thing.     0.2103
Spark::Form::Source Base class for population plugins     0.2103
Spark::Form::Types Utility Type-Library for Spark::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::BasicFields A collection of basic fields for Spark::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::BasicPrinters A selection of basic form printers for printing a SparkX::Form.     0.2103
SparkX::Form::BasicValidators A selection of validators to make writing custom fields easier.     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Button A Button for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Checkbox A Checkbox field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::File A File upload field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Hidden A hidden field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Image An image field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::MultiSelect A multiple select drop-down field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Password A Password field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Radio A set of radio buttons for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Reset A reset button for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Select A select drop-down field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Submit A Submit field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Text A Text field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Textarea A Textarea field for SparkX::Form     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Validator::Confirm Validates whether or not the user confirmed some choice.     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Validator::MaxLength Validates a variable does not exceed a given size     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Validator::MinLength Validates a field is at least a given size     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Validator::NotEmpty Validates a field has some value     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Field::Validator::Regex Validates a field matches a regular expression     0.2103
SparkX::Form::Printer::List A list-printer for SparkX::Form. Spouts out form elements in a (X)HTML list.     0.2103