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Source   Latest Release: Apache-MiniWiki-0.92

NAME ^ - Sample mod_perl startup file


In httpd.conf: PerlRequire /etc/httpd/perl/


$wikidir The directory where all your Wikis are located, in individual subdirectories of their own.

$wikipasswdfile Path to the httpd password file for Wiki authentication.

$wikigroupfile Path to the httpd group file for Wiki authentication.

%wikis A hash listing all the available Wikis and their properties, as follows:

  %wikis = (
    'wiki-name' => {
      _title => 'Wiki Title',
      _uri => '/wiki-uri',
      _public => 0|1

All the keys are optional. If _public is 0, the Wiki will be password-protected. If 1, it will use Apache::MiniWiki::Access, which allows public viewing, and requires a password to edit (not entirely Wiki-nature, I know).

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