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Kevin L. Esteb > Scaffold-0.10


This Release Scaffold-0.10  [Download] [Browse 26 Apr 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::Main A test handler for Scaffold     0.01
Scaffold Web Application Infrastructure     0.10
Scaffold::Base The Base environment for Scaffold     0.01
Scaffold::Cache The base class for Caching in Scaffold     0.01
Scaffold::Cache::FastMmap Caching is based on fastmmap.     0.01
Scaffold::Cache::Manager Maintains the cache subsystem for Scaffold     0.01
Scaffold::Cache::Memcached Caching is based on memcached.     0.01
Scaffold::Class A Perl extension for the Supervisor environment      
Scaffold::Constants Define useful constants for the Scaffold environment      
Scaffold::Engine The Scaffold interface to Plack/psgi     0.01
Scaffold::Handler The base class for Scaffold Handlers     0.02
Scaffold::Handler::Default The default handler     0.01
Scaffold::Handler::ExtDirect A handler for Ext.Direct RPC requests     0.01
Scaffold::Handler::ExtPoll A handler to for the poller     0.01
Scaffold::Handler::Favicon A handler to handle "favicon.ico" files     0.01
Scaffold::Handler::Robots A handler to handle "robots.txt" files     0.01
Scaffold::Handler::Static A handler for static files     0.01
Scaffold::Lockmgr The base class for locking within Scaffold     0.01
Scaffold::Lockmgr::KeyedMutex Use the KeyedMutex daemon for resource locking.     0.01
Scaffold::Lockmgr::SharedMem Use SysV IPC for resource locking.      
Scaffold::Lockmgr::UnixMutex Use SysV semaphores for resource locking.     0.03
Scaffold::Plugins The base class for Scaffold plugins     0.01
Scaffold::Render The base class for rendering.     0.01
Scaffold::Render::Default The default renderer for Scaffold.     0.01
Scaffold::Render::TT Use the Template Toolkit to render pages.     0.01
Scaffold::Routes Implementing Routes for url dispatching within Scaffold     0.02
Scaffold::Server The Scaffold web engine     0.03
Scaffold::Session::Manager The class for Sessions in Scaffold     0.01
Scaffold::Session::Store::Cache Use Scaffold's internal caching     0.01
Scaffold::Stash The base class for the stash within Scaffold     0.01
Scaffold::Stash::Controller     0.01
Scaffold::Stash::Cookies A stash of cookies     0.01
Scaffold::Stash::Manager A plugin to manage cookies     0.01
Scaffold::Stash::View The internal view of an output page.     0.01
Scaffold::Uaf::Authenticate An Basic Authentication Framework     0.03
Scaffold::Uaf::Authorize An abstract base class to use as a pattern for your AuthorizeFactory.     0.01
Scaffold::Uaf::AuthorizeFactory A default authorization module.      
Scaffold::Uaf::GrantAllRule A rule that grants permission to do everything.      
Scaffold::Uaf::Login A handler for the /login url.     0.01
Scaffold::Uaf::Logout A handler for /logout url     0.01
Scaffold::Uaf::Manager A plugin to do authentication within the Scaffold framework     0.02
Scaffold::Uaf::Rule A base class for rules.     0.01
Scaffold::Uaf::User A module that defines a basic user object.     0.01
Scaffold::Utils Utilitiy functions for Scaffold     0.01