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Module Version: 0.02   Source   Latest Release: XAS-0.05


XAS::Docs::Configuraton - How to configure the XAS environment


The system has a flexiable set of configuration files that can be changed to match your environment.

Configuration Files

The following configuration files can be modified.


This file configures the environment. It sources /opt/xas/environment and redefines the PATH and MANPATH environment variables. It is loaded into the current shell.


This file controls how the database is accessed. By default this is for SQLite. You can consult DBIx::Class::Schema::Config for additional information.


This file defines the environment variables that controls the system. They can be changed to match your environment.


This file is used to configure the collector. The collector is used to retrieve messages from the message queue.


This file is used to configure the spooler. The spooler is used to send messages to the message queue.

Database Initialization

The procedure /opt/xas/bin/ is used to create the database schema. How to load the schema into your database system is dependent on that system. Additional help can be had with:

 /opt/xas/bin/ --man




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