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Module Version: 0.2   Source   Latest Release: Tk-TOTD-0.5


Tk::TOTD - Tip Of The Day dialog for Perl/Tk.


  use Tk::TOTD;

  my $top = MainWindow->new();

  my $totd = $top->TOTD (
    -title    => 'Tip Of The Day -- MyPerlApp',
    -messages => \@messages,



Tk::TOTD provides a simple Tip of the Day dialog for Perl/Tk programs.


The options recognized by Show are as follows:


Specify the title of the Tip Of The Day dialog. Defaults to "Tip Of The Day"


The array of tip messages. If omitted, a default 10 tips about this module will be used instead.


Set the slogan at the top of the dialog. Default is "Did you know that..."


A Tk::Photo object. If omitted, the default totd image is used. This default image is appropriate for most TOTD usages, but if you use this as something other than a Tip Of The Day you may want to use your own image. The default image's dimensions are 23x31.


The main window's background color. Defaults to #BFBFBF


Background color for the left panel (where the image and slide number is). Defaults to #808080


The background color of the main content area. Defaults to #FFFFFF (white).


The text color of the slide number (as on the left panel). Defaults to #FFFF99.


Main foreground color of text. Defaults to #000000 (black).


The main font family used on most of the labels. Defaults to Arial.


Font size of the main font. Defaults to 10.


The font family used on the slogan text. Defaults to Times New Roman.


Font size on the slogan text. Defaults to 14.


The label on the checkbutton. Defaults to "Show tips at startup"


The variable to store the state of the checkbutton. 1 for checked, 0 for not.


The text of the close button. Defaults to "Close"


The text of the next button. Defaults to "Next Tip"


Show (? options ?)

Displays the Tip Of The Day dialog. The TOTD dialog is based from Tk::DialogBox and therefore will pause your main window.

configure (? options ?)

Reconfigure previously set options.


  Version 0.2
  - The widget now behaves as a DialogBox as it should, blocking the main window
    until closed.


None known yet.


Cerone Kirsle kirsle "@"

This code is distributed under the same terms as Perl.

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