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AxKit::App::TABOO::XSP::Story - News story management tag library for TABOO


Add the story: namespace to your XSP <xsp:page> tag, e.g.:


Add this taglib to AxKit (via httpd.conf or .htaccess):

  AxAddXSPTaglib AxKit::App::TABOO::XSP::Story


This XSP taglib provides tags to store information related to news stories and to fetch and return XML representations of that data, as it communicates with TABOO Data objects, particulary AxKit::App::TABOO::Data::Story.

Apache::AxKit::Language::XSP::SimpleTaglib has been used to write this taglib.

Tag Reference ^


It will take whatever data it finds in the Apache::Request object held by AxKit, and hand it to a new AxKit::App::TABOO::Data::Story object, which will use whatever data it finds useful. It will not store anything unless the user is logged in and authenticated with an authorization level. If an authlevel is not found in the user's session object, it will throw an exception with an AUTH_REQUIRED code. If asked to store certain priviliged fields, it will check the authorization level and throw an exception with a FORBIDDEN code if not satisfied. If timestamps do not exist, they will be created based on the system clock.

If TABOOAkismetKey is set (and spammers will make you want this really fast), it will check the Akismet anti-spam system if article has not been approved by an editor and the user has an authlevel less than 2, and return a FORBIDDEN if it is deemed to be spam. Once the article has been approved by an editor, it is fed to Akismet to teach it what is ham.

Finally, the Data object is instructed to save itself.

If successful, it will return a store element in the output namespace with the number 1.


Will return an XML representation of the data submitted in the last request, enclosed in a story-submission element. Particularly useful for previewing a submission.


Will return an XML representation of the data for a previously saved story, enclosed in a story-loaded element. It needs to get the story identified by storyname and sectionid attributes or child elements.

<number-of-unapproved sectionid="subqueue"/>

Will return the number of articles in a given section that has not been approved by an editor. Especially useful for giving the editors a heads-up as to new articles in the submission queue, like in the example.


See AxKit::App::TABOO.

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