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Kjetil Kjernsmo > RDF-Generator-Void-0.13 > RDF::Generator::Void::Meta::Attribute::ObjectList



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Source   Latest Release: RDF-Generator-Void-0.16


RDF::Generator::Void::Meta::Attribute::ObjectList - Trait for list of RDF objects


 has _endpoints => ( traits => ['ObjectList'] );
 has _titles => (
                                  traits => ['ObjectList'],
                                  isa      => 'ArrayRef[RDF::Trine::Node::Literal]',
 has resources => ( traits => ['ObjectList'] );


This module gives you a trait to manage a list of RDF resources typically used in an object position in an RDF triple. When declaring attributes, you may use traits = ['ObjectList']> alone in which case it'll give you a arrayref of strings and the methods to push to the array, list all strings in the array, and to check if it is empty. These are created by prefixing add_, all_ and has_no_ to your attribute name, respectively.

If you have an underscore in the beginning, the attribute will not itself be a method, but you can still use the non-prefixed attribute name as argument to the constructor, and you will have the same methods as above.

You may also give a isa argument to the attribute. In that case, you may set the arrayref to contain something other than strings, like in the example above.


Please see RDF::Generator::Void for further documentation.


This module was prototyped by Konstantin Baierer and is mostly his work.

Please see RDF::Generator::Void for more information about authors and copyright for this module.

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