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IUP::Frame - [GUI element] frame with a title around an interface element


Creates a Frame interface element, which draws a frame with a title around an interface element.


CREATION - new() method

 $frame = IUP::Frame->new(Ihandle *child);

child: Identifier of an interface element which will receive the frame around. It can be undef.

Returns: the identifier of the created element, or undef if an error occurs.

NOTE: You can pass to new() other ATTRIBUTE=>'value' or CALLBACKNAME=>\&func pairs relevant to this element - see IUP::Manual::02_Elements.


For more info about concept of attributes (setting/getting values etc.) see IUP::Manual::03_Attributes. Attributes specific to this element:


ignored, transparent in all systems. Will use the background color of the native parent. Except if TITLE is not defined and BGCOLOR is defined before map (can be changed later), then the frame will have a color background.


(non inheritable)

The default value is "YES".


Text title color. Not available in Windows when using Windows Visual Styles. Default: the global attribute DLGFGCOLOR.


(creation only)

When not using a title, the frame line defines a sunken area (lowered area). Valid values: YES or NO. Default: NO.


(non inheritable)

Text the user will see at the top of the frame. If not defined during creation it can not be added lately, to be changed it must be at least "" during creation.

The following common attributes are also accepted:


For more info about concept of callbacks (setting callback handlers etc.) see IUP::Manual::04_Callbacks. Callbacks specific to this element:


In Windows, a Frame with TITLE==undef is not the same control as then TITLE!=undef. When TITLE==undef it does not have Visual Styles and uses a sharp rectangle border. When TITLE!=undef it has Visual Styles and the border is a rounded rectangle. To always use Visual Styles set the title to "" before mapping, but be aware that a vertical space for the title will be always reserved at the top border.

The frame can be created with no elements and be dynamic filled using Append or Insert.


The element IUP::Frame is used in the following sample scripts:


The original doc: iupframe.html

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