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This Release Ambrosia-0.010  [Download] [Browse 30 Jun 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Ambrosia a powerful web application framework that can be used to create general applications too.     0.01
Ambrosia::Addons::Accessor     0.01
Ambrosia::Addons::Authorize     0.01
Ambrosia::Addons::Session     0.01
Ambrosia::Addons::Session::Cookie     0.01
Ambrosia::Assert adds a validation method in your module.     0.01
Ambrosia::BaseManager a base class of Managers in your application.     0.01
Ambrosia::CommonGatewayInterface a common gateway interface for IO.     0.01
Ambrosia::CommonGatewayInterface::ApacheRequest     0.01
Ambrosia::CommonGatewayInterface::CGI     0.01
Ambrosia::CommonGatewayInterface::Options     0.01
Ambrosia::Config a class for read a configuration data. It implements the pattern Singleton.     0.01
Ambrosia::Context a context of application.     0.01
Ambrosia::DataProvider a container for data sources. (Singleton)     0.01
Ambrosia::DataProvider::BaseDriver a base abstract class for concrete DriverType.     0.01
Ambrosia::DataProvider::DBI::mysql This class extends Ambrosia::DataProvider::DBIDriver.     0.01
Ambrosia::DataProvider::DBI::pg     0.01
Ambrosia::DataProvider::DBIDriver an abstract class that realize Ambrosia::DataProvider::BaseDriver and provide connection to data bases throw DBI.     0.01
Ambrosia::DataProvider::Resource::Hash a data source based on hash data.     0.01
Ambrosia::DataProvider::ResourceDriver a class realize Ambrosia::DataProvider::BaseDriver and provide connection to resources storage.     0.01
Ambrosia::Dispatcher a dispatcher that execute the specified managers.     0.01
Ambrosia::EntityDataModel ORM.     0.01
Ambrosia::Event lets you publish and subscribe to events.     0.01
Ambrosia::Logger a class for create global object for logging.     0.01
Ambrosia::Meta another tool to build classes for Perl 5.     0.01
Ambrosia::QL a Query Language to data source.     0.01
Ambrosia::RPC a container for engines, that implement service calls.     0.01
Ambrosia::RPC::Service a wrapper for concrete service.     0.01
Ambrosia::RPC::Service::SOAP::Lite implement remote procedure call through SOAP::Lite.     0.01
Ambrosia::Utils::Container storage container for named data.     0.01
Ambrosia::Utils::Enumeration creates enumerable fields in a class.     0.01
Ambrosia::Utils::Queue creates queue with two strategy LIFO and FIFO.     0.01
Ambrosia::Utils::Util contains some tools for internal use.     0.01
Ambrosia::Validator     0.01
Ambrosia::Validator::Constraint creates constraint for entity classes.     0.01
Ambrosia::Validator::Violation it is used for a wrapping of checked object in case of a bad data.     0.01
Ambrosia::View a base class for implemented view in MVC.     0.01
Ambrosia::View::JSON it is VIEW in MVC.     0.01
Ambrosia::View::XSLT     0.01
Ambrosia::core::ClassFactory a factory of classes.     0.01
Ambrosia::core::Nil implement pattern NullObject.     0.01
Ambrosia::core::Object an abstract base class for classes that are created by Ambrosia::Meta.     0.01
Ambrosia::error::Exception::Error a base class for Exceptions.     0.01
Ambrosia::error::Exceptions     0.01
Managers::buildApp     0.01
Managers::buildConfig     0.01
Managers::buildXml     0.01


Ambrosia::DataProvider::DBI::Pg This class extends Ambrosia::DataProvider::DBIDriver.  
Ambrosia::error::Exception an unspecified exception. Ambrosia::error::Exception::BadUsage - this exception will occur if you use something incorrect. Ambrosia::error::Exception::BadParams - this exception will occur if you use  
ambrosia the script to create project skeleton that implements CRUD.