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Krishna Shamu Sethuraman > pod2texi-0.1


This Release pod2texi-0.1  [Download] [Browse 29 Nov 1996
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Special Files


perl Practical Extraction and Report Language 
perl18n Perl i18n (internalization) 
perlLoL Manipulating Lists of Lists in Perl 
perlXStut Tutorial for XSUBs 
perlbook Perl book information 
perlbot Bag'o Object Tricks (the BOT) 
perlcall Perl calling conventions from C 
perldata Perl data types 
perldebug Perl debugging 
perldiag various Perl diagnostics 
perldsc Perl Data Structures Cookbook 
perlembed how to embed perl in your C program 
perlform Perl formats 
perlfunc Perl builtin functions 
perlguts Perl's Internal Functions 
perlio perl's IO abstraction interface. 
perlipc Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores) 
perlmod Perl modules (packages) 
perlobj Perl objects 
perlop Perl operators and precedence 
perlovl overload perl mathematical functions [superseded] 
perlpod plain old documentation 
perlre Perl regular expressions 
perlref Perl references and nested data structures 
perlrun how to execute the Perl interpreter 
perlsec Perl security 
perlstyle Perl style guide 
perlsub Perl subroutines 
perlsyn Perl syntax 
perltie how to hide an object class in a simple variable 
perltoc perl documentation table of contents 
perltrap Perl traps for the unwary 
perlvar Perl predefined variables 
perlxs XS language reference manual