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App::Chart::Latest -- latest price records


App::Chart::Latest->get ($symbol)

Return a latest prices object for $symbol. It contains the following fields

Basic information

    symbol        string
    name          string

Latest bid/offer quote

    quote_date    ISO like 2008-08-20
    quote_time    string like '14:59:59'
    bid           best buyer's price
    offer         best seller's price

Latest trading day

    last_date     ISO like 2008-08-20
    last_time     string like '14:59:59'
    open          day's first trade price
    high          day's highest trade price
    low           day's lowest trade price
    last          last trade price
    change        difference 'last' from the previous day's close
    volume        day's volume, so far

Other information

    halt          1 if trading halted
    limit_up      1 if at its daily limit up move
    limit_down    1 if at its daily limit down move
    dividend      ex-dividend amount, if ex today (ie. 'last_date')
    note          other free-form note
    error         message string

Return the quote date or last trade date in the form of an "adate" number.


Return a string which is a short form of the date time in $latest. The quote date/time is used if present, or the last trade date/time if not.


Return a string which is the $latest volume figure formatted and abbreviated. For example a value 150000 gives "150k".

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