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Konstantin Stepanov > FusqlFS-0.005


This Release FusqlFS-0.005  [Download] [Browse 26 Jun 2010
Latest Release FusqlFS-0.009  [Download] [Browse 22 Feb 2013
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License gpl3
Special Files


FusqlFS FUSE filesystem to work with database via DBI interface     0.005
FusqlFS::Artifact basic abstract class to represent database artifact in FusqlFS     0.005
FusqlFS::Artifact::Table::Lazy lazily created table artifact abstract class     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend FusqlFS database backend abstract factory     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::Base base FusqlFS class for database backend implementations     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::MySQL     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Functions FusqlFS PostgreSQL database functions (a.k.a. stored procedures) interface     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Languages FusqlFS class to interface with PostgreSQL languages     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Queries     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Acl FusqlFS class to expose PostgreSQL artifact's permissions     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Base abstract PostgreSQL configuration complexity for FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::* classes     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owned FusqlFS module to aggregate all PostgreSQL artifacts owned by a role into single place     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owner FusqlFS class to expose PostgreSQL artifact's owner     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Roles     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Sequences FusqlFS PostgreSQL database sequences interface     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Table::Constraints     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Table::Data     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Table::Indices     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Table::Struct     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Table::Test     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Table::Triggers     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Tables FusqlFS PostgreSQL database tables interface     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Test     0.005
FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Views FusqlFS PostgreSQL database views interface     0.005
FusqlFS::Cache main FusqlFS cache factory     0.005
FusqlFS::Cache::Base base abstract class for cache strategy classes implementation     0.005
FusqlFS::Cache::File FusqlFS file backed cache strategy implementation     0.005
FusqlFS::Cache::File::Record     0.005
FusqlFS::Cache::Limited FusqlFS limited cache strategy implementation     0.005
FusqlFS::Entry abstract fusqlfs file system entry class     0.005
FusqlFS::Entry::Dir     0.005
FusqlFS::Entry::File     0.005
FusqlFS::Entry::Pipe     0.005
FusqlFS::Entry::Symlink     0.005


fusqlfs FUSE file system to mount DB and provide tools to control and admin it