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Source   Latest Release: FusqlFS-0.009


FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Functions - FusqlFS PostgreSQL database functions (a.k.a. stored procedures) interface


    use FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Functions;

    my $funcs = FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Functions->new();


This is FusqlFS an interface to PostgreSQL database functions (or stored procedures as they are called in "big DBMS world"). This class is not to be used by itself.

See FusqlFS::Artifact for description of interface methods, FusqlFS::Backend to learn more on backend initialization and FusqlFS::Backend::Base for more info on database backends writing.



Symlink to language used to write this function in ../../languages. See FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Languages for details.


This file have suffix equal to language name used to write this function and contains this function's body. You can edit it in order to change function's definition.


Symlink to sequence's owner in ../../roles.


Functions's ACL with permissions given to different roles. See FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Acl for details.

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