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Konstantin Stepanov > FusqlFS-0.007 > FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owner



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Source   Latest Release: FusqlFS-0.009


FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owner - FusqlFS class to expose PostgreSQL artifact's owner


    package FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Tables;
    use parent 'FusqlFS::Artifact';

    use FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owner;

    sub init
        my $self = shift;

        # initialize class

        $self->{owner} = FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owner->new('r');

    sub get
        my $self = shift;
        my ($name) = @_;
        my $result = {};

        # load structures into $result

        $result->{owner} = $self->{owner};
        return $result;


This class exposes PostgreSQL artifact's owner as a symlink to role in /roles directory. It is best used with plugged in FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Roles module (see FusqlFS::Backend::Base for more info on plugging in different modules).

The class's new constructor accepts single char argument designating type of artifact the owner of which is to be exposed. Possible values of this argument can be seen in FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Base module.

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