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Source   Latest Release: FusqlFS-0.009


FusqlFS::Cache - main FusqlFS cache factory


    use FusqlFS::Cache;

    our %cache;
    my $cache = FusqlFS::Cache->init(\%cache, 'limited', 10);
    # tied(%cache) == $cache


This is a cache subsystem initialization class. It is an abstract factory class, just like FusqlFS::Backend, and thus it can't be instantiated directly.

Its single method init() accepts hashref as first argument, cache strategy as second argument and cache threshold as third argument, and returns FusqlFS::Cache::Base subclass instance or undef, if cache is done directly in memory without any complex cache logic layers.

FusqlFS cache is actually a simple hash, so all cache strategies are implemented as hash tie()-able classes. See FusqlFS::Cache::Base and its subclasses on details of cache strategies implementation.

All this concrete class does (with its single init() method) is just verifies cache threshold, recognizes cache strategy by name and tie()s cache hash given by hashref to cache class corresponding chosen cache strategy.

Special `memory' strategy means cache is done directly in memory and thus no tie()ing is needed, and so init() returns undef as no tied class is instantiated. This strategy is also chosen in case of any errors, so if cache strategy is not defined or not recognized or cache threshold have no sense for chosen cache strategy, `memory' strategy is chosen, debug message is displayed and undef is returned, leaving cache hash untied.

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