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FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owned - FusqlFS module to aggregate all PostgreSQL artifacts owned by a role into single place


    package FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Roles;
    use base 'FusqlFS::Artifact';

    use FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owned;

    sub init
        my $self = shift;

        # initialize instance and class

        $self->{owned} = FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Role::Owned->new();

    sub get
        my $class = shift;
        my ($role) = @_;
        my $result = {};

        # get data about $role into $result

        $result->{owned} = $self->{owned};

        return $result;


This module gathers all database artifacts owned by single role into one single place. It does it by providing symlinks to artifacts sorted by type (`tables', `functions' etc., see "EXPOSED STRUCTURE" for details).

This module is not to be plugged in any place of tree, it is actually to be used in "FusqlFS::Backend::PgSQL::Roles" module.


./tables, ./functions, ./indices, ./sequences, ./languages

This is the first level of hierarchy to sort owned artifacts by type and provide separate namespaces for different objects in database.

There are symlinks to artifacts of correspondent type in each of these subdirectories, e.g. if a role owns table sometable and stored procedure someproc there will be symlinks in ./tables/sometable and ./functions/someproc pointing to /tables/sometable and /functions/someproc.

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