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Changes - Revision history for Games-FrozenBubble

2.212 (2.2.1beta1) 2010-08-06

Added deps for IPC::System::Simple
Check SDL::Config for missing C deps

2.21 2010-07-09

Clean up of most visual effects (FROGGS, kthakore)
Game and net play working in windows (FROGGS,kthakore)
Fixed Build for MacOSX
Cleaned up adherence to old version

2.201 2010-05-02

Migrated to new SDL bindings (kthakore, FROGGS)
Made Makefile and Build system cpan friendly (daxim++, kmx++)
Fixed bugs due to change in typemap (FROGGS++)

2.2.0 2008-12-06

more options ( in LAN/NET games (continue game when players leave; disable player targetting)
fixed abort during a multiplayer game with a player in lowest graphics mode
much faster Internet servers listing (parallel discovery)
add ability to record and replay games; also add ability to save frames from records, so as to create high quality videos of games (on youtube, video file
geolocalized nicks in server lounge (

2.1.0 2006-11-23

most aborts during a multiplayer game fixed (there are some infrequent remaining ones, unfortunately)
1-player multiplayer training: ability to activate chain reaction (
world map: you can view the amount of playing players (, which helps choosing a server
world map: you see playing players as green dots (
network game lounge: you can toggle fullscreen (
network game lounge: the game creator can activate chain-reaction and set a victories limit through options (
network game lounge: you can request server info (
network game lounge: chat is timestamped (
multiplayer: you can view who's attacking you (

2.0.0 2006-10-27

1.0.0 2003-02-17

added: level editor, contributed by Kim and David Joham
added: 50 more levels, to make them 100 now
changed: graphics have been re-designed
added: chain-reaction mechanism in 2p-mode
added: manpages (first contributed by Debian)

0.9.3 2002-05-22

remove SDL_mixer_patched hackery, since SDL_mixer >= 1.2.2 is now available
adapt to new perl-SDL (which now has a working Surface::display_format)
fixed: sound releasing
added: possibility to disable sound or music independently
added: playlist support
added: on-the-fly fullscreen toggling (thx Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker)
fixed: absence of highscore when you finish all levels
added: (long awaited) special bubbles for colourblind people (-cb option)

0.9.2 2002-02-08

fix relocation error: /usr/lib/perl5/auto/fb_c_stuff/ undefined symbol: Mix_FadeInMusicPos
more flexible makefile system, which should make easy ports on other sites/arch's
better run-time error message when data are incorrectly installed
syntax highlighting: