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Kevin Michael Vail
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Distribution Released
fields-aliased-1.05 create aliases for object fields [Download] [Browse] 19 Nov 2005
Lexical-Util-0.8 utilities for lexical item manipulation [Download] [Browse] 29 Jul 2004
Module-Check_Args-1.1 a quick way to check argument counts for methods [Download] [Browse] 06 Nov 2000
Perl6-Binding-0.601 implement Perl6 aliasing features [Download] [Browse] 22 May 2004
Text-Conjunct-1.0 join lists of items together [Download] [Browse] 22 May 2004
Text-Pluralize-1.1 simple pluralization routine [Download] [Browse] 07 Aug 2007
Tie-StrictHash-1.0 A hash with 'strict'-like semantics [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2001
Tk-autobind-1.2 automatically bind a widget to an ALT-key [Download] [Browse] 16 Jun 2003
Tk-Stderr-1.2 capture standard error output, display in separate window [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2003
Tk-Task-1.1 allow multiple "tasks" to proceed at once [Download] [Browse] 23 Oct 2002