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Ken Williams
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Distribution Released
AI-Categorizer-0.09 Automatic Text Categorization [Download] [Browse] 24 Mar 2007
AI-DecisionTree-0.11 Automatically Learns Decision Trees [Download] [Browse] 03 Mar 2012
Algorithm-NaiveBayes-0.04 Bayesian prediction of categories [Download] [Browse] 08 Jun 2007
Algorithm-SVMLight-0.09 Perl interface to SVMLight Machine-Learning Package [Download] [Browse] 25 Nov 2008
Apache-AuthCookie-2.011 Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies [Download] [Browse] 17 Jun 2000
Apache-Compress-1.005 Auto-compress web files with Gzip [Download] [Browse] 17 Nov 2004
Apache-Filter-1.024 Alter the output of previous handlers [Download] [Browse] 24 Sep 2005
Apache-SSI-2.19 Implement Server Side Includes in Perl [Download] [Browse] 26 Jan 2005
Class-Container-0.13 Glues object frameworks together transparently [Download] [Browse] 02 Nov 2017
CPANPLUS-Dist-Build-0.05   [Download] [Browse] 11 Mar 2007
Crypt-SKey-0.10 Perl S/Key calculator [Download] [Browse] 08 Jan 2009
Cwd-2.21 get pathname of current working directory [Download] [Browse] 31 Aug 2004
ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.24_01 Compile and link C code for Perl modules [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2009
ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.19_02 converts Perl XS code into C code [Download] [Browse] 06 Aug 2008
File-Backup-0.02 For making rotating backups of directories [Download] [Browse] 02 Dec 1998
HTML-SimpleParse-0.12 a bare-bones HTML parser [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2003
Image-Timeline-0.11 Create GIF or PNG timelines [Download] [Browse] 25 Feb 2004
Lingua-BrillTagger-0.02 Natural-language tokenizing and part-of-speech tagging [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2005
Lingua-CollinsParser-0.05 Head-driven syntactic sentence parser [Download] [Browse] 15 Oct 2007
Mail-Query-0.01 Write Mail::Audit criteria in SQL-like syntax [Download] [Browse] 22 Oct 2001
Math-BaseCalc-1.019 Convert numbers between various bases [Download] [Browse] 07 Jun 2017
Module-Build-0.31 Build and install Perl modules [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2008
Parse-CSV-2.04 Highly flexible CSV parser for large files [Download] [Browse] 16 Jul 2015
Path-Class-0.37 Cross-platform path specification manipulation [Download] [Browse] 14 Aug 2016
PathTools-3.28_01   [Download] [Browse] 25 Jul 2008
PDL-Sparse-0.01 Compact storage for mostly-zero PDLs [Download] [Browse] 09 Jun 2002
Probe-Perl-0.03 Information about the currently running perl [Download] [Browse] 08 Aug 2013
reuters-21578   [Download] [Browse] 20 Mar 2007
Statistics-Contingency-0.09 Calculate precision, recall, F1, accuracy, etc. [Download] [Browse] 09 Jun 2013
Text-FillIn-0.05 a class implementing a fill-in template [Download] [Browse] 05 Jan 1999
Tie-DB_Lock-0.07 ties hashes to databases using shared and exclusive locks [Download] [Browse] 22 Oct 2002
Tie-LLHash-1.003 ordered hashes [Download] [Browse] 13 Mar 2004
Tie-TextDir-0.06 interface to directory of files [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2003