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Andrew Johnson > Helios-2.80


This Release Helios-2.80  [Download] [Browse 15 Mar 2014
Latest Release Helios-2.83  [Download] [Browse 16 Aug 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bundle::Helios install all Helios related modules     2.60
Helios a distributed job processing system     2.80
Helios::Config base class for Helios configuration system     2.80
Helios::ConfigParam     2.00
Helios::Error a convenience class to import all Helios::Error exception classes     2.60
Helios::Error::BaseError base exception class for Helios services     2.40
Helios::Error::ConfigError exception class for Helios indicating a configuration error occurred     2.60
Helios::Error::DatabaseError exception class for Helios indicating a database error occurred     2.61
Helios::Error::Fatal fatal exception class for Helios indicating a job failed but can be re-attempted     2.61
Helios::Error::FatalNoRetry fatal exception class for Helios indicating a job failed and the error was so serious the job should not be reattempted.     2.61
Helios::Error::InvalidArg exception class for Helios indicating a job's args are invalid     2.61
Helios::Error::JobTypeError exception class for Helios indicating a jobtype error occurred     2.80
Helios::Error::LoggingError exception class for Helios indicating an error occurred in the logging subsystem     2.40
Helios::Error::ObjectDriverError     2.80
Helios::Error::Warning exception class for Helios indicating a job was successful but it encountered errors during processing     2.61
Helios::Job base class for jobs in the Helios job processing system     2.80
Helios::JobHistory     2.00
Helios::JobType class to represent Helios jobtypes     2.80
Helios::LogEntry     2.00
Helios::LogEntry::Levels     2.20
Helios::Logger Base class for sending Helios logging information to external loggers     2.60
Helios::Logger::Internal Helios::Logger subclass implementing Helios internal logging     2.61
Helios::MetajobBurstService base class for metajob burst services in Helios     2.00
Helios::ObjectDriver class to return Helios::ObjectDriver::DBI objects pointing to the collective database     2.80
Helios::ObjectDriver::DBI Data::ObjectDriver subclass for Helios     2.61
Helios::Service base class for services in the Helios job processing system     2.80
Helios::TS TheSchwartz subclass for Helios     2.80
Helios::TS::Job TheSchwartz::Job subclass for Helios     2.80
Helios::TestService Helios::Service subclass useful for testing     2.40


Helios::Configuration Helios configuration parameter reference  
Helios::Error::ObjectDriveError exception class for Helios indicating an object driver error occurred  
Helios::Tutorial a tutorial for getting started with Helios Launch a daemon to service jobs in the Helios job processing system  
helios_config_get get a config parameter's value from the Helios collective database  
helios_config_import import a INI-style config file into the Helios database  
helios_config_set set a config param's value in the Helios database  
helios_config_unset delete a config param's value from the Helios database  
helios_job_info get detailed information about a job in a Helios collective  
helios_job_status get a Helios job's exitstatus Submit a job to the Helios job processing system from the cmd line  
helios_jobtype_add Add a jobtype to the Helios collective database Clean old log and history entries from the Helios database  
helios_service_status check the status of services running in a Helios collective CGI script to receive jobs for Helios via HTTP POST