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Name ^

Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapping - Abstract parent class for objects that map a single column in a single row from the source database to the target database.

Synopsis ^

 use Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapping;

 # ... Later, when building $mappings hashref for use by a
 # Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapper (which see for synopsis --
 # in this example, assume an appropriate @source_keys):

 foreach my $source_key (@source_keys) {
     $mappings{$source_key} = new Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapping;

 # ... Now we can assign $mappings to our Mapper ...

Description ^

Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapping objects are used by Class::DBI::DataMigration::Mapper objects to retrieve the values for particular keys into source database objects; these will in turn be stored under particular keys into newly-created target database objects.

Methods ^


Expects two parameters: the key into the source object, and the source object itself.

The default map() implementation simply uses the source key as a method call on the source object and returns the value thus retrieved.

Subclasses may do something fancier.

Author ^

Dan Friedman, <>

Copyright & License ^

Copyright 2004 Dan Friedman, All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Please note that these modules are not products of or supported by the employers of the various contributors to the code.

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