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Joachim Langenbach > CAD-Firemen-0.5.3


This Release CAD-Firemen-0.5.3  [Download] [Browse 15 Aug 2012
Latest Release CAD-Firemen-0.7.2  [Download] [Browse 18 Sep 2015
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


CAD::Firemen Scripts and Modules to manage PTC(R) Pro/Engineer(R) / Creo(TM) configurations. Use perldoc CAD::Firemen to get an introduction to the usage of this distribution.     0.5.3
CAD::Firemen::Analyze Module provides functions to compare to lists with options (and values)     0.5.3
CAD::Firemen::Change Object to represant the changes of an option     0.5.3
CAD::Firemen::Change::Type Constants to represant the change type of CAD::Firemen::Change     0.5.3
CAD::Firemen::Common Shared functions used by other scripts from the Firemen module.     0.5.3
CAD::Firemen::Load Module to parse files from Firemen (like pro and cdb files)     0.5.3
CAD::Firemen::Option::Check An option check error     0.5.3


fm_check_config Runs some tests on the given config file.  
fm_check_struct Runs some tests on a given file structure with custom files.  
fm_create_help Walks through an installation and tries to extract all options with informations into a database  
fm_diff_cdb Analyzes and displays the differences between two cdb files.  
fm_diff_config Analyzes the differences between two config files.  
fm_option_info Displays informations about a given option.