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Source   Latest Release: HTML-Content-Extractor-0.17
Changes History of this package
MANIFEST This file
Makefile.PL Will create 'Makefile' to build this extention
META.yml Generated by ExtUtils::MakeMaker  [pod] Bootstrap & documentation
Extractor.xs XS glue
README The Instructions
html.h Head file
typemap Convert between HTML::Content::Extractor and 'struct htmltag_t'
t/000_load.t Load module
t/001_create.t Create new object
t/002_html_table.t Build html table
t/003_html_ul.t Build html ul
t/004_html_ol.t Build html ol
t/005_html_dl.t Build html dl
t/006_html_ruby.t Build html ruby
t/007_html_select.t Build html select
t/008_main_text.t Get main text from HTML
t/009_main_images.t Get main images from HTML
t/010_raw_text.t Get raw text from HTML
t/011_main_text_with_elements.t Get text with elements from HTML
META.json Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)