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Distribution Released
Bundle-MP3-1.00 A bundle to install all MP3-related modules [Download] [Browse] 07 Mar 2000
IO-Sockatmark-1.00 Perl extension for TCP urgent data [Download] [Browse] 06 Jan 2001
Boulder-1.30 An API for hierarchical tag/value structures [Download] [Browse] 13 Dec 2002
Text-Shellwords-1.08   [Download] [Browse] 10 Nov 2005
Apache-MP3-4.00 Generate streamable directories of MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files [Download] [Browse] 14 Apr 2006
Tie-DBI-1.02 Tie hashes to DBI relational databases [Download] [Browse] 30 May 2006
HTTPD-User-Manage-1.66   [Download] [Browse] 23 Jan 2007
AcePerl-1.92   [Download] [Browse] 11 Nov 2008
IO-Socket-Multicast-1.07 Send and receive multicast messages [Download] [Browse] 14 Jul 2009
Bio-SCF-1.03 Perl extension for reading and writting SCF sequence files [Download] [Browse] 08 Jan 2010
Bio-Das-1.17 Client-side library for Distributed Genome Annotation System [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2010 Handle Common Gateway Interface requests and responses [Download] [Browse] 08 Nov 2010
Bio-BigFile-1.07 Manipulate Jim Kent's BigWig and BigBed index files for genomic features. [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2012
MP3-PodcastFetch-1.05 This is a library of tools for managing podcast subscriptions. It comes with a command-line tool,, that can run under Cron to keep a directory of subscribed Podcasts feeds up to date. [Download] [Browse] 05 Apr 2013
sqlfs-perl-1.04 Store a filesystem in a relational database [Download] [Browse] 27 Jun 2013
Crypt-CBC-2.33 Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode [Download] [Browse] 30 Jul 2013
Bio-Graphics-2.39 Generate GD images of Bio::Seq objects [Download] [Browse] 30 Jul 2014
VM-EC2-1.28 Perl interface to Amazon EC2, Virtual Private Cloud, Elastic Load Balancing, Autoscaling, and Relational Database services [Download] [Browse] 23 Oct 2014
GD-2.56 Perl interface to the gd2 graphics library [Download] [Browse] 27 Oct 2014
Devel-Cycle-1.12 Find memory cycles in objects [Download] [Browse] 14 Nov 2014
IO-Interface-1.09 Access and modify network interface card configuration [Download] [Browse] 09 Dec 2014
AWS-Signature4-1.02 Create a version4 signature for Amazon Web Services [Download] [Browse] 26 Jan 2015
Bio-SamTools-1.43 Perl interface to SamTools library for DNA sequencing [Download] [Browse] 12 Feb 2016
GBrowse-2.56 The GMOD Generic Genome Browser [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2017
Mythfs-perl-1.36 Mount MythTV recordings as a file system [Download] [Browse] 01 Jul 2017
Net-ISP-Balance-1.28 Load balance among two or more ISP connections [Download] [Browse] 12 May 2018