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IO::Interface::Simple - Perl extension for access to network card configuration information


 use IO::Interface::Simple;

 my $if1   = IO::Interface::Simple->new('eth0');
 my $if2   = IO::Interface::Simple->new_from_address('');
 my $if3   = IO::Interface::Simple->new_from_index(1);

 my @interfaces = IO::Interface::Simple->interfaces;

 for my $if (@interfaces) {
    print "interface = $if\n";
    print "addr =      ",$if->address,"\n",
          "broadcast = ",$if->broadcast,"\n",
          "netmask =   ",$if->netmask,"\n",
          "dstaddr =   ",$if->dstaddr,"\n",
          "hwaddr =    ",$if->hwaddr,"\n",
          "mtu =       ",$if->mtu,"\n",
          "metric =    ",$if->metric,"\n",
          "index =     ",$if->index,"\n";

    print "is running\n"     if $if->is_running;
    print "is broadcast\n"   if $if->is_broadcast;
    print "is p-to-p\n"      if $if->is_pt2pt;
    print "is loopback\n"    if $if->is_loopback;
    print "is promiscuous\n" if $if->is_promiscuous;
    print "is multicast\n"   if $if->is_multicast;
    print "is notrailers\n"  if $if->is_notrailers;
    print "is noarp\n"       if $if->is_noarp;


IO::Interface::Simple allows you to interrogate and change network interfaces. It has overlapping functionality with Net::Interface, but might compile and run on more platforms.

Class Methods

$interface = IO::Interface::Simple->new('eth0')

Given an interface name, new() creates an interface object.

@iflist = IO::Interface::Simple->interfaces;

Returns a list of active interface objects.

$interface = IO::Interface::Simple->new_from_address('')

Returns the interface object corresponding to the given address.

$interface = IO::Interface::Simple->new_from_index(2)

Returns the interface object corresponding to the given numeric index. This is only supported on BSD-ish platforms.

Object Methods

$name = $interface->name

Get the name of the interface. The interface object is also overloaded so that if you use it in a string context it is the same as calling name().

$index = $interface->index

Get the index of the interface. This is only supported on BSD-like platforms.

$addr = $interface->address([$newaddr])

Get or set the interface's address.

$addr = $interface->broadcast([$newaddr])

Get or set the interface's broadcast address.

$addr = $interface->netmask([$newmask])

Get or set the interface's netmask.

$addr = $interface->hwaddr([$newaddr])

Get or set the interface's hardware address.

$addr = $interface->mtu([$newmtu])

Get or set the interface's MTU.

$addr = $interface->metric([$newmetric])

Get or set the interface's metric.

$flags = $interface->flags([$newflags])

Get or set the interface's flags. These can be ANDed with the IFF constants exported by IO::Interface or Net::Interface in order to interrogate the state and capabilities of the interface. However, it is probably more convenient to use the broken-out methods listed below.

$flag = $interface->is_running([$newflag])
$flag = $interface->is_broadcast([$newflag])
$flag = $interface->is_pt2pt([$newflag])
$flag = $interface->is_loopback([$newflag])
$flag = $interface->is_promiscuous([$newflag])
$flag = $interface->is_multicast([$newflag])
$flag = $interface->is_notrailers([$newflag])
$flag = $interface->is_noarp([$newflag])

Get or set the corresponding configuration parameters. Note that the operating system may not let you set some of these.


Lincoln Stein <>

This module is distributed under the same license as Perl itself.


perl, IO::Socket, IO::Multicast), IO::Interface, Net::Interface

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