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Distribution Released
Net-FSP-0.16 A client implementation of the File Service Protocol [Download] [Browse] 25 Jan 2009
Package-Rename-0.02 Rename or copy package [Download] [Browse] 18 Jun 2009
Scope-OnExit-0.02 Running code on scope exit [Download] [Browse] 24 Mar 2010
Scalar-Andand-0.05 Guarded method invocation. [Download] [Browse] 03 Jun 2010
Variable-Lazy-0.03 Lazy variables [Download] [Browse] 05 Jul 2010
Class-Private-0.05 Private hashes for your objects [Download] [Browse] 07 Jul 2010
Variable-OnDestruct-0.03 Call a subroutine on destruction of a variable. [Download] [Browse] 29 Oct 2010
SmartMatch-Sugar-0.05 Smart match friendly tests. [Download] [Browse] 04 Feb 2011
PerlIO-if-0.003 Push layers conditionally [Download] [Browse] 04 Jul 2011
Signal-Safety-0.002 Enable or disable safe signal handling [Download] [Browse] 18 Dec 2011
PerlIO-text-0.007 Open a text file portably [Download] [Browse] 13 Apr 2012
PerlIO-buffersize-0.001 Set the buffersize of a handle [Download] [Browse] 08 May 2012
POSIX-RT-Scheduler-0.003 POSIX Scheduler support functions [Download] [Browse] 18 Jun 2012
autodie-variables-0.005 Safe user and group ID variables [Download] [Browse] 26 Dec 2012
Sub-Exporter-Progressive-0.001008 Only use Sub::Exporter if you need it [Download] [Browse] 21 Jan 2013
ExtUtils-BuildRC-0.005 *DEPRECATED* A reader for Build.PL configuration files [Download] [Browse] 12 Apr 2013
Scalar-Induce-0.05 Unfolding scalars [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2013
Build-Simple-0.002 A minimalistic dependency system [Download] [Browse] 15 May 2013
Const-Fast-0.014 Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes [Download] [Browse] 27 May 2013
File-Send-0.002 Sending files over a socket efficiently and cross-platform [Download] [Browse] 16 Jun 2013
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-CheckDeps-0.007 Check for presence of dependencies [Download] [Browse] 23 Jun 2013
Bio-SFF-0.007 Standard Flowgram Format for Perl [Download] [Browse] 25 Jul 2013
Bio-DNA-Incomplete-0.004 Match incompletely specified bases in nucleic acid sequences [Download] [Browse] 01 Oct 2013
Test-CheckDeps-0.010 Check for presence of dependencies [Download] [Browse] 09 Oct 2013
Thread-Channel-0.003 Fast thread queues [Download] [Browse] 06 Jan 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-TemplateXS-0.002 A simple xs-file-from-template plugin [Download] [Browse] 13 Jan 2014
Thread-SigMask-0.004 Thread specific signal masks [Download] [Browse] 06 Mar 2014
PerlIO-Layers-0.011 Querying your filehandle's capabilities [Download] [Browse] 07 Mar 2014
Linux-FD-0.011 Linux specific special filehandles [Download] [Browse] 11 May 2014
SysV-SharedMem-0.010 SysV Shared memory made easy [Download] [Browse] 15 May 2014
ExtUtils-Config-0.008 A wrapper for perl's configuration [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2014
Signal-Mask-0.008 Signal masks made easy [Download] [Browse] 01 Aug 2014
App-s2p-1.002 a stream editor [Download] [Browse] 16 Aug 2014
POSIX-RT-SharedMem-0.10 Create/open or unlink POSIX shared memory objects in Perl [Download] [Browse] 16 Aug 2014
Module-Build-Deprecated-0.4210 A collection of modules removed from Module-Build [Download] [Browse] 19 Aug 2014
POSIX-RT-Timer-0.017 POSIX real-time timers [Download] [Browse] 21 Aug 2014
Signal-Unsafe-0.006 Unsafe signal handlers made convenient [Download] [Browse] 28 Aug 2014
POSIX-RT-Signal-0.015 POSIX Real-time signal handling functions [Download] [Browse] 03 Sep 2014
Module-Build-Tiny-0.039 A tiny replacement for Module::Build [Download] [Browse] 12 Oct 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MinimumPerlFast-0.003 Quickly detects the minimum version of Perl required for your dist [Download] [Browse] 04 Feb 2015
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-BuildSelf-0.004 Build a Build.PL that uses the current module to build itself [Download] [Browse] 08 Mar 2015
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-LEONT-0.014 LEONT's dzil bundle [Download] [Browse] 24 Mar 2015
threads-lite-0.034 Actor model threading for Perl [Download] [Browse] 08 May 2015
Crypt-Rijndael-1.13 Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module [Download] [Browse] 23 May 2015
Devel-FindPerl-0.014 Find the path to your perl [Download] [Browse] 15 Jun 2015
Smart-Match-0.008 Smart matching utilities [Download] [Browse] 27 Jun 2015
File-Slurp-Tiny-0.004 A simple, sane and efficient file slurper [DISCOURAGED] [Download] [Browse] 15 Jul 2015
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Substitute-0.006 Substitutions for files in dzil [Download] [Browse] 13 Aug 2015
CPAN-Meta-Prereqs-Filter-0.004 Filtering various things out of CPAN::Meta::Prereqs [Download] [Browse] 20 Sep 2015
Scope-Unwind-0.001-TRIAL Return to an upper scope [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2016
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ModuleBuildTiny-0.015 Build a Build.PL that uses Module::Build::Tiny [Download] [Browse] 09 Jun 2016
threads-posix-0.003 more POSIX correct threads [Download] [Browse] 03 Jul 2016
ExtUtils-PL2Bat-0.001 Batch file creation to run perl scripts on Windows [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2016
Variable-OnDestruct-Scoped-0.001 Call a subroutine on destruction of a variable. [Download] [Browse] 25 Jul 2016
List-DoubleLinked-0.005 Double Linked Lists for Perl [Download] [Browse] 15 Aug 2016
ExtUtils-Helpers-0.026 Various portability utilities for module builders [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2016
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-AutoPrereqsFast-0.003 Automatically extract prereqs from your modules, but faster [Download] [Browse] 20 Sep 2016
Dist-Zilla-Role-ModuleIncluder-0.008 Include modules and their dependencies in inc/ [Download] [Browse] 23 Sep 2016
CPAN-Meta-Check-0.014 Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object [Download] [Browse] 25 Nov 2016
Devel-cst-0.010 C stacktraces for GNU systems [Download] [Browse] 25 Nov 2016
PerlIO-utf8_strict-0.007 Fast and correct UTF-8 IO [Download] [Browse] 06 Apr 2017
Crypt-ECDH_ES-0.003 A fast and small hybrid crypto system [Download] [Browse] 13 Apr 2017
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PPPort-0.008 PPPort for Dist::Zilla [Download] [Browse] 14 May 2017
ExtUtils-HasCompiler-0.021 Check for the presence of a compiler [Download] [Browse] 26 Jun 2017
PerlIO-http-0.004 HTTP filehandles [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2017
Software-License-0.103013 packages that provide templated software licenses [Download] [Browse] 27 Oct 2017
File-Map-0.65 Memory mapping made simple and safe. [Download] [Browse] 30 Oct 2017
App-a2p-1.010 Awk to Perl translator [Download] [Browse] 27 Jan 2018
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MetaMergeFile-0.001 Add arbitrary metadata using a mergefile [Download] [Browse] 30 Jan 2018
File-Slurper-0.012 A simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file [Download] [Browse] 20 Feb 2018
App-ModuleBuildTiny-0.023 A standalone authoring tool for Module::Build::Tiny [Download] [Browse] 18 Mar 2018
App-find2perl-1.004 translate find command lines to Perl code [Download] [Browse] 19 Mar 2018
Test-Harness-3.43_01 Run Perl standard test scripts with statistics [Download] [Browse] 25 Mar 2018
Linux-Epoll-0.013 O(1) multiplexing for Linux [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2018
Sys-Sendfile-0.17 Zero-copy data transfer [Download] [Browse] 04 Apr 2018
Crypt-Argon2-0.005 Perl interface to the Argon2 key derivation functions [Download] [Browse] 11 Apr 2018
Module-Build-0.42_28 Build and install Perl modules [Download] [Browse] 19 Apr 2018
CPAN-Upload-Tiny-0.008 A tiny CPAN uploader [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2018
experimental-0.020 Experimental features made easy [Download] [Browse] 09 May 2018
ExtUtils-InstallPaths-0.012 Build.PL install path logic made easy [Download] [Browse] 10 May 2018
AnyEvent-Handle-UDP-0.049 client/server UDP handles for AnyEvent [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2018