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Source   Latest Release: App-ModuleBuildTiny-0.023


mbtiny - A standalone authoring script for Module::Build::Tiny


version 0.014


 mbtiny listdeps | cpanm
 mbtiny test --release
 mbtiny dist


Essentially mbtiny does only one thing: generate the ancillary files of a distribution with App::ModuleBuildTiny. To be more exact, it can generate:

The information for these files is gathered from various sources. The distribution name is taken from the local directory name. The version, abstract and author are taken from the main module of the distribution. Prerequisites are mostly taken from a cpanfile, except when injected explicitly (e.g. a configure dependency on Module::Build::Tiny). A metamerge.json or metamerge.yml file can be used to merge any additional meta information you want (including dependencies).


It supports two different workflows, which I call Feedback and Generator. In both cases, additional tools are used for various other authoring tasks such as perl-reversion, scan-prereqs-cpanfile and cpan-upload.


In this workflow you're commiting the generated files to the filesystem/repository, in particular using the regenerate command.


In this workflow the generated files aren't written back to the file system, instead they are generated on every mbtiny command.


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