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Jonathan Leto
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Distribution Released
WWW-ItsABot-0.01 Ask if a Twitter user is a bot [Download] [Browse] 15 Jun 2009
Task-Twitter-0.01 Install modules relating to Twitter [Download] [Browse] 17 Jun 2009
Math-BigRat-0.24 Arbitrary big rational numbers [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2009
Net-Topsy-0.03 Perl Interface to the Otter API to [Download] [Browse] 22 Sep 2009
App-Mimosa-0.02 Miniature Model Organism Sequence Aligner [Download] [Browse] 23 Nov 2011
ore-Beer-0.02 Add Beer To Perl With Ease [Download] [Browse] 08 Jun 2012
App-Beeminder-Hook-0.003 Integrate Github and Beeminder [Download] [Browse] 03 Jul 2012
Math-Factoring-0.02 Math::Factoring - Advanced Factoring Algorithms [Download] [Browse] 29 Sep 2012
Math-Primality-0.08 Check for primes with Perl [Download] [Browse] 31 Jan 2013
Math-ODE-0.07 Solve N-th Order Differential Equations [Download] [Browse] 18 Nov 2015
Math-MatrixReal-2.13 Manipulate NxN matrices of real numbers [Download] [Browse] 25 Sep 2016
Math-GSL-0.39 Interface to the GNU Scientific Library using SWIG [Download] [Browse] 30 Sep 2016
Alien-Hush-0.8889 Easy installation of the Hush cryptocoin full node daemon [Download] [Browse] 23 Oct 2017
Alien-Zcash-0.01 Easy installation of the Zcash cryptocoin full node daemon [Download] [Browse] 24 Oct 2017
Hush-0.03 HushList-powered secure messaging [Download] [Browse] 15 Feb 2018