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This Release Perl6-Doc-0.36  [Download] [Browse 19 Mar 2008
Latest Release Perl6-Doc-0.47  [Download] [Browse 05 Dec 2010
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Perl6::Doc all useful Perl 6 Docs in your command line     0.36


Apocalypse_01 The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good  
Apocalypse_02 Bits and Pieces  
Apocalypse_03 Operators  
Apocalypse_04 Syntax  
Apocalypse_05 Pattern Matching  
Apocalypse_06 Subroutines  
Apocalypse_12 Objects  
Apocalypse_20 Debugging [DRAFT]  
Exegesis_02 Bits and Pieces  
Exegesis_03 Operators  
Exegesis_04 Syntax  
Exegesis_05 Pattern Matching  
Exegesis_06 Subroutines  
Exegesis_07 Formats  
Magazine_Article_01 Report on the Perl 6 Announcement, Why? How?  
Magazine_Article_02 What Is Perl 6 ?  
Magazine_Article_03 A Plan for Pugs  
Magazine_Article_04 Everyday Perl 6  
Magazine_Article_05 Yet Another Perl 6 Operator  
Magazine_Article_06 The Beauty of Perl 6 Parameter Passing  
Perl6::FAQ::Capture Capture objects  
Perl6::FAQ::FUD Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts  
Perl6::Overview a brief introduction and overview of Perl 6  
Perl6::Overview::Control Control Structure  
Perl6::Overview::Data Data Types  
Perl6::Overview::File File and Filesystem operations Structure  
Perl6::Overview::Functions Perl 6 built-in functions reference  
Perl6::Overview::Magic Magical Variables  
Perl6::Overview::Object Object-oriented Programming  
Perl6::Overview::Operator Operators  
Perl6::Overview::Reduce Reduce metaoperator  
Perl6::Overview::Rule Grammar Rules  
Perl6::Overview::Smartmatch Smart Matching  
Perl6::Overview::Subroutine Subroutines  
Synopsis_01 Overview  
Synopsis_02 Bits and Pieces  
Synopsis_03 Perl 6 Operators  
Synopsis_04 Blocks and Statements  
Synopsis_05 Regexes and Rules  
Synopsis_06 Subroutines  
Synopsis_09 Data Structures  
Synopsis_10 Packages  
Synopsis_11 Modules  
Synopsis_12 Objects  
Synopsis_13 Overloading  
Synopsis_16 IPC / IO / Signals [DRAFT]  
Synopsis_17 Concurrency [DRAFT]  
Synopsis_22 CPAN [DRAFT]  
Synopsis_26 Documentation  
Synopsis_27 Perl Culture [DRAFT]  
Synopsis_28 Special Variables [DRAFT]  
Synopsis_29 Builtin Functions  
perlintro a brief introduction and overview of Perl 6