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Perl6::Overview::Smartmatch - Smart Matching


Smartmatch chart from S04

    $_      $x        Type of Match Implied    Matching Code
    ======  =====     =====================    =============
    Any     Code<$>   scalar sub truth         match if $x($_)
    Hash    Hash      hash keys identical      match if $_.keys.sort »eq« $x.keys.sort
    Hash    any(Hash) hash key intersection    match if $_{any(Hash.keys)}
    Hash    Array     hash value slice truth   match if $_{any(@$x)}
    Hash    any(list) hash key slice existence match if exists $_{any(list)}
    Hash    all(list) hash key slice existence match if exists $_{all(list)}
    Hash    Rule      hash key grep            match if any($_.keys) ~~ /$x/
    Hash    Any       hash entry existence     match if exists $_{$x}
    Hash    .{Any}    hash element truth*      match if $_{Any}
    Hash    .<string> hash element truth*      match if $_<string>
    Array   Array     arrays are identical     match if $_ »~~« $x
    Array   any(list) list intersection        match if any(@$_) ~~ any(list)
    Array   Rule      array grep               match if any(@$_) ~~ /$x/
    Array   Num       array contains number    match if any($_) == $x
    Array   Str       array contains string    match if any($_) eq $x
    Array   .[number] array element truth*     match if $_[number]
    Num     NumRange  in numeric range         match if $min <= $_ <= $max
    Str     StrRange  in string range          match if $min le $_ le $max
    Any     Code<>    simple closure truth*    match if $x() (ignoring $_)
    Any     Class     class membership         match if $_.does($x)
    Any     Role      role playing             match if $_.does($x)
    Any     Num       numeric equality         match if $_ == $x
    Any     Str       string equality          match if $_ eq $x
    Any     .method   method truth*            match if $_.method
    Any     Rule      pattern match            match if $_ ~~ /$x/
    Any     subst     substitution match*      match if $_ ~~ subst
    Any     boolean   simple expression truth* match if true given $_
    Any     undef     undefined                match unless defined $_
    Any     Any       run-time dispatch        match if infix:<~~>($_, $x)
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