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This Release Lucy-0.3.2  [Download] [Browse 10 Jul 2012
Latest Release Lucy-0.6.2  [Download] [Browse 27 Feb 2018
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License The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004
Special Files


Lucy Apache Lucy search engine library.     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::Analyzer Tokenize/modify/filter text.     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::CaseFolder Normalize case, facilitating case-insensitive search.     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::EasyAnalyzer A simple analyzer chain     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::Inversion     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::Normalizer Unicode normalization, case folding and accent stripping     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::PolyAnalyzer Multiple Analyzers in series.     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::RegexTokenizer Split a string into tokens.     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::SnowballStemmer Reduce related words to a shared root.     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::SnowballStopFilter Suppress a "stoplist" of common words.     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::StandardTokenizer Split a string into tokens.     0.003002
Lucy::Analysis::Token     0.003002
Lucy::Document::Doc A document.     0.003002
Lucy::Document::HitDoc A document read from an index.     0.003002
Lucy::Highlight::HeatMap     0.003002
Lucy::Highlight::Highlighter Create and highlight excerpts.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::BackgroundMerger Consolidate index segments in the background.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::DataReader Abstract base class for reading index data.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::DataWriter Write data to an index.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::DeletionsReader     0.003002
Lucy::Index::DeletionsWriter Abstract base class for marking documents as deleted.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::DocReader Retrieve stored documents.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::DocVector     0.003002
Lucy::Index::DocWriter     0.003002
Lucy::Index::FilePurger     0.003002
Lucy::Index::HighlightReader     0.003002
Lucy::Index::HighlightWriter     0.003002
Lucy::Index::IndexManager Policies governing index updating, locking, and file deletion.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::IndexReader Read from an inverted index.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Indexer Build inverted indexes.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Inverter     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Lexicon Iterator for a field's terms.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::LexiconReader Read Lexicon data.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::LexiconWriter     0.003002
Lucy::Index::PolyLexicon     0.003002
Lucy::Index::PolyReader Multi-segment implementation of IndexReader.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Posting     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Posting::MatchPosting     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Posting::RichPosting     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Posting::ScorePosting     0.003002
Lucy::Index::PostingList Term-Document pairings.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::PostingListReader Read postings data.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::PostingListWriter     0.003002
Lucy::Index::SegLexicon     0.003002
Lucy::Index::SegPostingList     0.003002
Lucy::Index::SegReader Single-segment IndexReader.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::SegWriter Write one segment of an index.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Segment Warehouse for information about one segment of an inverted index.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Similarity Judge how well a document matches a query.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::Snapshot Point-in-time index file list.     0.003002
Lucy::Index::SortCache     0.003002
Lucy::Index::SortReader     0.003002
Lucy::Index::SortWriter     0.003002
Lucy::Index::TermInfo     0.003002
Lucy::Index::TermVector     0.003002
Lucy::Object::BitVector An array of bits.     0.003002
Lucy::Object::ByteBuf     0.003002
Lucy::Object::CharBuf     0.003002
Lucy::Object::Err Exception.     0.003002
Lucy::Object::Hash     0.003002
Lucy::Object::Host     0.003002
Lucy::Object::I32Array     0.003002
Lucy::Object::LockFreeRegistry     0.003002
Lucy::Object::Num     0.003002
Lucy::Object::Obj Base class for all Lucy objects.     0.003002
Lucy::Object::VArray     0.003002
Lucy::Object::VTable     0.003002
Lucy::Object::ViewByteBuf     0.003002
Lucy::Object::ViewCharBuf     0.003002
Lucy::Object::ZombieCharBuf     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::Architecture Configure major components of an index.     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::BlobType Default behaviors for binary fields.     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::FieldType Define a field's behavior.     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::Float32Type     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::Float64Type     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::FullTextType Full-text search field type.     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::Int32Type     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::Int64Type     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::Schema User-created specification for an inverted index.     0.003002
Lucy::Plan::StringType Non-tokenized text type.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::ANDMatcher     0.003002
Lucy::Search::ANDQuery Intersect multiple result sets.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::BitVecMatcher     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Collector Process hits.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Collector::BitCollector Collector which records doc nums in a BitVector.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Collector::SortCollector     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Compiler Query-to-Matcher compiler.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::HitQueue     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Hits Access search results.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::IndexSearcher Execute searches against a single index.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::LeafQuery Leaf node in a tree created by QueryParser.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::MatchAllQuery Query which matches all documents.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::MatchDoc     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Matcher Match a set of document ids.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::NOTMatcher     0.003002
Lucy::Search::NOTQuery Invert the result set of another Query.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::NoMatchQuery Query which matches no documents.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::ORQuery Union multiple result sets.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::ORScorer     0.003002
Lucy::Search::PhraseQuery Query matching an ordered list of terms.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::PolyCompiler     0.003002
Lucy::Search::PolyQuery Base class for composite Query objects.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::PolySearcher Aggregate results from multiple Searchers.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Query A specification for a search query.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::QueryParser Transform a string into a Query object.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::RangeQuery Match a range of values.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::RequiredOptionalMatcher     0.003002
Lucy::Search::RequiredOptionalQuery Join results for two Queries, one required, one optional.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Searcher Base class for searching collections of documents.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::SortRule Element of a SortSpec.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::SortSpec Specify a custom sort order for search results.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::Span An offset, a length, and a weight.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::TermQuery Query which matches individual terms.     0.003002
Lucy::Search::TopDocs     0.003002
Lucy::Simple Basic search engine.     0.003002
Lucy::Store::FSFileHandle     0.003002
Lucy::Store::FSFolder File System implementation of Folder.     0.003002
Lucy::Store::FileHandle     0.003002
Lucy::Store::Folder Abstract class representing a directory.     0.003002
Lucy::Store::InStream     0.003002
Lucy::Store::Lock Abstract class representing an interprocess mutex lock.     0.003002
Lucy::Store::LockErr Lock exception.     0.003002
Lucy::Store::LockFactory Create Locks.     0.003002
Lucy::Store::OutStream     0.003002
Lucy::Store::RAMFile     0.003002
Lucy::Store::RAMFileHandle     0.003002
Lucy::Store::RAMFolder In-memory Folder implementation.     0.003002
Lucy::Test     0.003002
Lucy::Test::TestCharmonizer     0.003002
Lucy::Test::Util::BBSortEx     0.003002
Lucy::Util::Debug     0.003002
Lucy::Util::IndexFileNames     0.003002
Lucy::Util::Json     0.003002
Lucy::Util::MemoryPool     0.003002
Lucy::Util::PriorityQueue     0.003002
Lucy::Util::SortExternal     0.003002
Lucy::Util::Stepper     0.003002
Lucy::Util::StringHelper     0.003002
LucyX::Index::ByteBufDocReader Read a Doc as a fixed-width byte array.     0.003002
LucyX::Index::ByteBufDocWriter Write a Doc as a fixed-width byte array.     0.003002
LucyX::Index::LongFieldSim Similarity optimized for long fields.     0.003002
LucyX::Index::ZlibDocReader Compressed doc storage.     0.003002
LucyX::Index::ZlibDocWriter Compressed doc storage.     0.003002
LucyX::Remote::ClusterSearcher Search multiple remote indexes.     0.003002
LucyX::Remote::SearchClient Connect to a remote SearchServer.     0.003002
LucyX::Remote::SearchServer Make a Searcher remotely accessible.     0.003002
LucyX::Search::Filter Build a caching filter based on results of a Query.     0.003002
LucyX::Search::FilterCompiler     0.003002
LucyX::Search::FilterMatcher     0.003002
LucyX::Search::MockMatcher Matcher with arbitrary docs and scores.     0.003002
LucyX::Search::ProximityQuery Query matching an ordered list of terms.     0.003002


Lucy::Docs::Cookbook Apache Lucy recipes.  
Lucy::Docs::Cookbook::CustomQuery Sample subclass of Query.  
Lucy::Docs::Cookbook::CustomQueryParser Sample subclass of QueryParser.  
Lucy::Docs::Cookbook::FastUpdates Near real-time index updates.  
Lucy::Docs::DevGuide Quick-start guide to hacking on Apache Lucy.  
Lucy::Docs::DocIDs Characteristics of Apache Lucy document ids.  
Lucy::Docs::FileFormat Overview of index file format.  
Lucy::Docs::FileLocking Manage indexes on shared volumes.  
Lucy::Docs::IRTheory Crash course in information retrieval.  
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial Step-by-step introduction to Apache Lucy.  
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::Analysis How to choose and use Analyzers.  
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::BeyondSimple A more flexible app structure.  
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::FieldType Specify per-field properties and behaviors.  
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::Highlighter Augment search results with highlighted excerpts.  
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::QueryObjects Use Query objects instead of query strings.  
Lucy::Docs::Tutorial::Simple Bare-bones search app.