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Module Version: 0.02   Source   Latest Release: Win32-GUI-1.05


Win32::GUI::BitmapInline - Inline bitmap support for Win32::GUI


To create a BitmapInline:

    perl -MWin32::GUI::BitmapInline -e inline('image.bmp') >>

To use a BitmapInline (in

    use Win32::GUI;
    use Win32::GUI::BitmapInline ();
    $Bitmap1 = new Win32::GUI::BitmapInline( q(
    ) );


This module can be used to "inline" a bitmap file in your script, so that it doesn't need to be accompained by several external files (less hassle when you need to redistribute your script or move it to another location).

The inline function is used to create an inlined bitmap resource; it will print on STDOUT the packed data including the lines of Perl needed to use the inlined bitmap resource; it is intended to be used as a one-liner whose output is appended to your script.

The function takes the name of the bitmap file to inline as its first parameter; an additional, optional parameter can be given which will be the name of the bitmap object in the resulting scriptlet, eg:

    perl -MWin32::GUI::BitmapInline -e inline('image.bmp','IMAGE')
    $IMAGE = new Win32::GUI::BitmapInline( q( ...

If no name is given, the resulting object name will be $Bitmap1 (the next ones $Bitmap2 , $Bitmap3 and so on).

Note that the object returned by new Win32::GUI::BitmapInline is a regular Win32::GUI::Bitmap object.

With version 0.02 you can inline icons and cursors too. Nothing changes in the inlining process, just the file extension:

    perl -MWin32::GUI::BitmapInline -e inline('harrow.cur','Cursor1') >>
    perl -MWin32::GUI::BitmapInline -e inline('guiperl.ico','Icon1') >>

The module recognizes from the extension the type of object that it should recreate, so it will add these lines to

    $Cursor1 = newCursor Win32::GUI::BitmapInline( q( ...
    $Icon1 = newIcon Win32::GUI::BitmapInline( q( ...

newCursor or newIcon are used in place of just new. As above, the returned objects are regular Win32::GUI objects (respectively, Win32::GUI::Cursor and Win32::GUI::Icon).



Win32::GUI::BitmapInline version 0.02, 24 January 2001.


Aldo Calpini ( ).

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