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Luis Muñoz > Mail-Abuse-1.026


This Release Mail-Abuse-1.026  [Download] [Browse 22 Jun 2007
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Special Files


Mail::Abuse Helps parse and respond to miscellaneous abuse complaints     1.026
Mail::Abuse::Filter Filter incidents depending on various criteria     1.005
Mail::Abuse::Filter::IP Filter incidents according to its origin IP     1.006
Mail::Abuse::Filter::Time Filter incidents according to how old they are     1.009
Mail::Abuse::Incident Parses a Mail::Abuse::Report to extract incidents     1.011
Mail::Abuse::Incident::Log Parses generic logs into Mail::Abuse::Reports     1.024
Mail::Abuse::Incident::MyNetWatchman Parses MyNetWatchman reports into Mail::Abuse::Reports     1.003
Mail::Abuse::Incident::Normalize Filter the text of a report within an Email     1.011
Mail::Abuse::Incident::Received Parses Received: headers in an abuse report     1.004
Mail::Abuse::Incident::SpamCop Parses SpamCop reports into Mail::Abuse::Reports     1.011
Mail::Abuse::Processor Process a Mail::Abuse::Report     1.005
Mail::Abuse::Processor::ArchiveDBI Assign a score to an abuse report     1.006
Mail::Abuse::Processor::Explain Explain a Mail::Abuse::Report     1.002
Mail::Abuse::Processor::Mailer Handle the email response to a Mail::Abuse::Report     1.009
Mail::Abuse::Processor::Radius Match incidents to users using RADIUS detail files     1.007
Mail::Abuse::Processor::Score Assign a score to an abuse report     1.003
Mail::Abuse::Processor::Store Process a Mail::Abuse::Report     1.012
Mail::Abuse::Processor::Table Match incidents to users using a static table     1.002
Mail::Abuse::Processor::TableDBI     1.003
Mail::Abuse::Reader Reads a Mail::Abuse::Report     1.005
Mail::Abuse::Reader::GoogleGroups Reads Mail::Abuse::Report from NANAS via Google Groups     1.002
Mail::Abuse::Reader::POP3 Reads a Mail::Abuse::Report out of a POP3 account     1.008
Mail::Abuse::Reader::Stdin Reads an abuse report through STDIN     1.001
Mail::Abuse::Report Process an abuse report     1.009
Template::Plugin::Abuse A plugin for accessing abuse complaints     1.00


Mail::Abuse::ProcessorTableDBI Match incidents to other data using a DBI table  
abuso Front-end for Mail::Abuse  
acat Dump an abuse report stored with  
google-gather Leverage the power of Google(tm) to catch abuse complaints  
maps-gather Gather evidence associated to a MAPS complaint  
maps-scan Checks listing status on's RBLs  
popfetch Extract messages from POP3 server in batch  
requester Request additional information from sites with bad reporting practices  
scan Looks into a number of public DNS blacklists wether a host is listed  
spews-scan Locate SPEWS records