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Luke Closs > Socialtext-Resting-Utils


This Release Socialtext-Resting-Utils-0.21  [Download] [Browse 12 Jan 2010
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Special Files


Socialtext::EditPage Edit a wiki page using your favourite EDITOR.     0.04
Socialtext::Resting::DefaultRester load a rester from a config file.     0.02
Socialtext::Resting::Getopt Handle command line rester args     0.01
Socialtext::Resting::LocalCopy Maintain a copy on disk of a workspace     0.01
Socialtext::Resting::Mock Fake rester     0.04
Socialtext::Resting::TaggedPages Utilities for finding pages with tags     0.01
Socialtext::Resting::Utils Utilities for Socialtext REST APIs     0.21
Socialtext::WikiObject Represent wiki markup as a data structure and object     0.03
Socialtext::WikiObject::Factory Create an approprate WikiObject from Magic Tags     0.01
Socialtext::WikiObject::PreBlock Parse out the first '.pre' block     0.01
Socialtext::WikiObject::TableConfig Extract a table into a hash     0.01
Socialtext::WikiObject::YAML Parse page content as YAML     0.01