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Module Version: v1.0.0   Source  


Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::Author::LXP - configure Pod::Weaver like LXP


This module is part of distribution Pod-Weaver-PluginBundle-Author-LXP v1.0.0.

This distribution's version numbering follows the conventions defined at


In weaver.ini:



This Pod::Weaver plugin bundle configures Pod::Weaver the way CPAN author LXP uses it, achieving the same result as these entries in a weaver.ini file:

    ;; SETUP ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    ; "A bundle for the most commonly-needed prep work for a POD
    ; document."  Not sure what it actually does, but it's probably
    ; important.

    ; "Stopwords" are words that a spell checker might otherwise flag
    ; as misspelt.  This plugin adds some words based on the
    ; distribution's content and gathers explicitly defined ones at the
    ; top so that they are also honoured.

    ; Provide a "list" POD formatter for easier definition of lists.
    transformer = List

    ;; POD RENDERING AND ORDERING ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    ; Emit a NAME section.

    ; Emit a VERSION section.  The version number is determined by
    ; Dist::Zilla.
    format = This module is part of distribution %r v%v.%n%nThis dis...

    ; Emit a SYNOPSIS section if it exists.
    [Generic / SYNOPSIS]

    ; Emit a DESCRIPTION section.  Enforce its existence for every
    ; module.
    [Generic / DESCRIPTION]
    required = 1

    ; Emit any other POD material that isn't handled elsewhere in this
    ; configuration, including further down.

    ; Emit an ATTRIBUTES section for each attribute defined in the
    ; source.
    [Collect / ATTRIBUTES]
    command = attr

    ; Similar for METHODS.
    [Collect / METHODS]
    command = method

    ; Emit a SEE ALSO section, automatically formatting items as lists.
    ; Don't emit the default explanatory text above the links.
    header =
    add_main_link = 0

    ; Emit a SUPPORT section in the main module's documentation.
    perldoc = 0
    websites = none
    repository_content = The source code for this distribution is
    repository_content = available online in a
    repository_content = L<Git|> repository.  Please
    repository_content = feel welcome to contribute patches.
    repository_content =

    ; Emit an AUTHOR section.

    ; Emit a COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE section.  Refer the reader to a copy
    ; of the full license contained within the distribution.
    license_file = LICENSE


In the absence of any real documentation on how to write a Pod::Weaver plugin bundle, the presence of such bundles previously written by RJBS and DOHERTY was greatly appreciated:



See Config::MVP::Assembler::WithBundles.


Bugs / Feature Requests

Please report any bugs or feature requests by email to bug-pod-weaver-pluginbundle-author-lxp at, or through the web interface at You will be automatically notified of any progress on the request by the system.

Source Code

The source code for this distribution is available online in a Git repository. Please feel welcome to contribute patches.

  git clone git://


Alex Peters <>


This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Alex Peters.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the 'LICENSE' file included with this distribution.

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