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Lyo Kato > OAuth-Lite2-0.03


This Release OAuth-Lite2-0.03  [Download] [Browse 02 Mar 2013
Latest Release OAuth-Lite2-0.11  [Download] [Browse 18 Aug 2016
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


OAuth::Lite2 OAuth 2.0 Library     0.03
OAuth::Lite2::Agent::PSGIMock Agent class for test which use PSGI App      
OAuth::Lite2::Client::ClientCredentials OAuth 2.0 ClientCredentials Profile Client      
OAuth::Lite2::Client::Error OAuth 2.0 client error      
OAuth::Lite2::Client::Token Class represents access-token response      
OAuth::Lite2::Client::UsernameAndPassword OAuth 2.0 Username And Password Profile Client      
OAuth::Lite2::Client::WebServer OAuth 2.0 Web Server Profile Client      
OAuth::Lite2::Formatter OAuth 2.0 formatter base class      
OAuth::Lite2::Formatter::FormURLEncoded OAuth 2.0 form-urlencoded formatters store      
OAuth::Lite2::Formatter::JSON OAuth 2.0 JSON formatters store      
OAuth::Lite2::Formatter::Text OAuth 2.0 text/plain formatters store      
OAuth::Lite2::Formatter::XML OAuth 2.0 XML formatters store      
OAuth::Lite2::Formatters OAuth 2.0 formatters store      
OAuth::Lite2::Model::AccessToken model class that represents access token      
OAuth::Lite2::Model::AuthInfo model class that represents authorization info.      
OAuth::Lite2::ParamMethod base class of builder/parser for OAuth 2.0 parameters      
OAuth::Lite2::ParamMethod::AuthHeader builder/parser for OAuth 2.0 AuthHeader type of parameter      
OAuth::Lite2::ParamMethod::FormEncodedBody builder/parser for OAuth 2.0 FormEncodedBody type of parameter      
OAuth::Lite2::ParamMethod::URIQueryParameter builder/parser for OAuth 2.0 uri-query type of parameter      
OAuth::Lite2::ParamMethods store of builders/parsers for OAuth 2.0 parameters      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::Context request context object.      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::DataHandler Base class that specifies interface for data handler for your service.      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::Endpoint::Token token endpoint PSGI application      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::Error OAuth 2.0 server errors      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::GrantHandler base class of each grant_type handler      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::GrantHandler::AuthorizationCode handler for 'authorization-code' grant_type request      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::GrantHandler::ClientCredentials handler for 'client_credentials' grant_type request      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::GrantHandler::Password handler for 'password' grant_type request      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::GrantHandler::RefreshToken handler for 'refresh-token' grant_type request      
OAuth::Lite2::Server::GrantHandlers store of handlers for each grant_type.      
OAuth::Lite2::Signer OAuth 2.0 signature (DEPRECATED)      
OAuth::Lite2::Signer::Algorithm signature algorithm base class.      
OAuth::Lite2::Signer::Algorithm::HMAC_SHA1 hmac-sha1 signature algorithm class      
OAuth::Lite2::Signer::Algorithm::HMAC_SHA256 hmac-sha256 signature algorithm class      
OAuth::Lite2::Signer::Algorithms signature algorithms      
OAuth::Lite2::Util utility methods for OAuth 2.0      
Plack::Middleware::Auth::OAuth2::ProtectedResource middleware for OAuth 2.0 Protected Resource endpoint      


OAuth::Lite2::Client::Agent Base class of preset-agents.  
OAuth::Lite2::Client::Agent::Dump Preset User Agent class for debug  
OAuth::Lite2::Client::Agent::Strict Preset User Agent class for strict SSL