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Distribution Released
qbit-2.5 Pragma qbit [Download] [Browse] 13 May 2018
QBit-Application-0.017 Package description [Download] [Browse] 13 May 2018
QBit-Application-Model-Authorization-0.007 Simple model for authorization in QBit application. [Download] [Browse] 19 Nov 2016
QBit-Application-Model-DB-0.027 Base class for working with databases [Download] [Browse] 24 Jan 2018
QBit-Application-Model-DB-clickhouse-0.007 Class for working with ClickHouse DB [Download] [Browse] 23 Jan 2018
QBit-Application-Model-DB-mysql-0.017 Class for working with MySQL DB [Download] [Browse] 18 Nov 2017
QBit-Application-Model-DB-mysql-Authorization-0.001 MySQL table for QBit::Application::Model::Authorization [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2016
QBit-Application-Model-DB-mysql-KvStore-0.002 MySQL table for QBit::Application::Model::KvStore [Download] [Browse] 13 Mar 2017
QBit-Application-Model-DB-mysql-RBAC-0.002 MySQL tables for QBit::Application::Model::RBAC::DB [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2016
QBit-Application-Model-DB-mysql-Table-MultistateActionLog-0.002 Base MySQL table for logging multistates actions [Download] [Browse] 04 Sep 2016
QBit-Application-Model-DB-mysql-Users-0.002 MySQL tables for QBit::Application::Model::DBManager::Users [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2016
QBit-Application-Model-DBManager-0.020 Class for smart working with DB [Download] [Browse] 19 May 2018
QBit-Application-Model-DBManager-Users-0.007 Model for work with users in QBit application. [Download] [Browse] 25 Jan 2017
QBit-Application-Model-KvStore-0.004 Key/Value store [Download] [Browse] 13 Mar 2017
QBit-Application-Model-Multistate-0.008 Class for working with multistates [Download] [Browse] 18 Dec 2016
QBit-Application-Model-Multistate-DB-0.010 Class for working with multistates DB entries [Download] [Browse] 18 Dec 2016
QBit-Application-Model-RBAC-DB-0.003 RBAC DB realization [Download] [Browse] 01 Dec 2016
QBit-Application-Model-SendMail-0.007 Class to send E-Mail [Download] [Browse] 04 Sep 2016
QBit-Base-0.002 inheritance pattern [Download] [Browse] 03 Dec 2016
QBit-Class-0.3 Base class for QBit framework [Download] [Browse] 27 Mar 2016
QBit-Cron-0.004 Class for working with Cron [Download] [Browse] 04 Sep 2016
QBit-GraphViz-0.003 QBit wrapper on Graphviz [Download] [Browse] 07 Dec 2016
QBit-QueryData-0.011 Query constructor for the data [Download] [Browse] 14 Apr 2018
QBit-TimeLog-0.5 Hierarchical time logging [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2016
QBit-TimeLog-XS-0.008 Hierarchical time logging (XS) [Download] [Browse] 09 Oct 2016
QBit-Validator-0.011 QBit validator [Download] [Browse] 19 Nov 2017
QBit-WebInterface-0.031 Base class for creating web interface [Download] [Browse] 18 May 2018
QBit-WebInterface-Apache2-0.004 Package for connect WebInterface to Apache 2 [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2016
QBit-WebInterface-Controller-Multistate-0.004 View multistates in QBit application [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2016
QBit-WebInterface-Controller-Pod-0.004 POD viewer for QBit application [Download] [Browse] 08 Oct 2016
QBit-WebInterface-Controller-RBAC-0.004 RBAC manager for QBit application [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2016
QBit-WebInterface-FastCGI-0.005 Package for connect WebInterface with FastCGI [Download] [Browse] 04 Sep 2016
QBit-WebInterface-OwnServer-0.007 WebInterface with own HTTP server [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2016
QBit-WebInterface-PSGI-0.003 Package for connect WebInterface with PSGI [Download] [Browse] 04 Dec 2016
QBit-WebInterface-Routing-0.009 Class for creating routing for web interface [Download] [Browse] 29 Apr 2017
qbit_xgettext-0.006 QBit gettext extractor [Download] [Browse] 22 Jan 2017