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make-epub - create an EPUB ebook from a directory


 make-epub [options] path/to/epubdir

Create the metadata for an EPUB book from the files path/to/epubdir and write the metadata and files into an EPUB file.



Print a brief help message and exit.


Print the manual page and exit.

-output filename

This option sets the name of the EPUB file the program will create.

If it is missing the suffix .epub is added to path/to/epubdir and used as the name of the EPUB file.

-creator name_of_creator

This option sets the dc:creator attribute of the metadata. You may use this for information about the author.

-cover coverfile

This option marks the file containing the cover for the OPF guide.


Set the dc:identifier for the metadata.


Set the dc:language for the metadata. Defaults to en.


This option takes a string containing instructions on how to find the text and id for the level 2 navPoints in the file toc.ncf.

The content for the navPoint is taken from the first <a> tag inside each HTML element found containing an attribute id. The text for the navPoint is taken from the whole text inside each HTML element.

If the argument level2 is missing, '_tag:span,class:h2' is taken as default. This will take the navPoints from all spans looking roughly like

  <span class="h2"><a id="navid">some text</a></span>

and translates them into something like

  <navPoint id="navpoint-id" playOrder="order">
    <navLabel><text>some text</text></navLabel>
    <content src="filename#navid" />
-publisher name_of_publisher

This option sets the dc:publisher attribute of the metadata. You may use this for information about the publisher.

-rights the_copyright

This options sets the dc:rights attribute of the metadata. Use this for copyright information.

-title title

Set the dc:title for the metadata.

-spine order

This option determines the order of the HTML pages in the EPUB. The argument for this options is a comma separated list of basenames (without ending) of the HTML files in the EPUB book.

For instance if you have two HTML files with path OEBPS/part1.html and OEBPS/part2.html you would give option -spine like this:

 make-epub-content-opf -spine=part1,part2 ...
-tocdepth level

This option allows to set the maximum level of the table of contents.

The default is 1, maximum is 2.

Level 1 is taken from the <title> tag of each HTML file in the ebook.

At the moment level 2 works only with HTML RFCs that have their headings organized like <span class="h2"><a id="some-id">...</span>. The attr id from the <a> tag is taken as url extension into the file and the text inside the <span> tags is taken as label.


This program will generate the metadata files for an EPUB book.

It determines the name and path of the content.opf and the toc.ncx file and writes the metadata gathered from the command line and the files in the given directory into them.


Mathias Weidner

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