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Distribution Released
Cake-0.006_2 A simple web framework [Download] [Browse] 21 Aug 2013
DBD-Crate-0.0.3 DBI driver for Crate db [Download] [Browse] 27 Aug 2016
HTTP-UA-Parser-0.006 Perl User Agent Parser [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2015
JavaScript-Duktape-2.4.2 Perl interface to Duktape embeddable javascript engine [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2017
JavaScript-Shell-0.02 Run Spidermonkey shell from Perl [Download] [Browse] 09 Oct 2013
jQuery-0.004 complete jQuery port to Perl [Download] [Browse] 14 Jun 2013
Mail-Simple-DKIM-Signer-0.01 Simple DKIM Signer [Download] [Browse] 23 Jul 2010
Net-Facebook-Oauth2-0.10 a simple Perl wrapper around Facebook OAuth v2.0 protocol [Download] [Browse] 13 Oct 2016
Net-Postage-App-0.03 Perl extension for API [Download] [Browse] 04 Oct 2013
Path-Resolve-0.0.2 node.js path module in perl [Download] [Browse] 27 May 2015
Try-Catch-1.1.0 Try Catch exception handler based on Try::Tiny But faster [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2016
URI-Simple-1.00 Simple way to parse uri [Download] [Browse] 27 May 2013