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App::perlfind::Plugin::UseModule - Try the search word as a module name


    # perlfind Getopt::Long


This plugin for App::perlfind tries to use the search term as a module name. If the module can be loaded, it is added to the match results.

If it contains '::', it might be a fully qualified function name such as Foo::Bar::some_function or a module that's not installed but whose namespace-parent might be installed. For example, if Foo::Bar is installed but Foo::Bar::Baz isn't, we don't want think that there is a function Baz() in the package Foo::Bar; rather we want to show the docs for Foo::Bar::Baz. To distinguish between a function and a module, use a simple heuristic, which means it's a guess and won't always work: if the final symbol starts with an uppercase character, we assume it's a package, otherwise we assume it's a function.

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