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Bash::Completion::Plugins::VimTag - Bash completion plugin for vim tags


This is a Bash::Completion plugin that can complete on tags generated by ctags. My setup places all tags files from different projects in a ~/.ctagsdir directory so vim can know about them regardless of the current directory:

    ├── project1
    │   └── tags
    ├── project2
    │   └── tags
    └── perlbrew
        └── tags

My <.vimrc> then contains:

    set tags+=~/.ctagsdir/*/tags

And <.bashrc> contains:

    alias vit='vi -t'

If you keep your tags in a different directory - for example, your main repository directory -, you can set the CTAGSDIR environment variable to that directory and this plugin will scan the tags files in that directory.

The reason for the perlbrew/tags file shown in the tree above is that I want to have tags for all installed modules, so I generate them with:

    find $PERLBREW_ROOT/perls/$PERLBREW_PERL/lib -name \*.pm | \
        ctags -f ~/.ctagsdir/perlbrew/tags --recurse --languages=Perl -L -;
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