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mk_vim_complete - Gather Perl identifiers for vim's autocompletion


    mk_vim_complete -f ~/.vimcomplete -v --dir /path/to/my/working/dir


All is explained in the documentation of the command-line options.


--file <file>, -f <file>

The filename where the gathered list of identifiers should be written to. You need to tell vim about this file; see Vim::Complete for details.

--dir, -d

This option can be given several times. The directories are added to the list of directories in which to look for module files.

--minlen, -m

The minimum length of identifiers that should be reported. It doesn't make sense to set this to 1; even setting it to 2 would likely produce so many identifers that the autocompletion mechanism is thrown off because you will have to cycle through too many identifiers. So the default minimum length is 3.

--noinc, -n

By default, the directories included in @INC - with the exception of ., which denotes the current directory - are searched, so identifiers from all installed modules are gathered. You can turn this behaviour off by specifying this option. If you do, you need to specify at least one --dir option.

--verbose, -v

Be more verbose.

--help, -h

Show this documentation.

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