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Crypt::XKCDCommon1949 - xkcd password style wordlist provider


   use Crypt::XKCDCommon1949 qw(xkcd_common_1949);
   my @wordlist = xkcd_common_1949;

   # but you probably want to use the interface to Crypt::Diceware
   # or Crypt::XkcdPassword or Acme::MetaSyntatic described below


Crypt::XKCDCommon1949 providers a simple wordlist based on the 1949 english words most frequently occurening in newspapers published by (which is in turn based on data published at

This list of words is handy as it represents a compromise between having a reasonable number of words to pick from (almost 11 bits of entropy per word) and having a word that someone is likely to be able to remember.

Please be aware that while passwords generated with this wordlist are much more secure than the standard type "human readable" password if many randomly picked words are used to constuct a password, the passwords are not as secure as less readable passwords consisting of random characters (such as those generated by password vault software such as 1Password.) Use at your own risk.

Exported Symbols

Can be exported on demand or used fully qualified


Function returning 1949 common english words.


Array containing 1949 common english words.

Using this module with other Perl modules

Support is baked in for other modules:


Crypt::Diceware is the most secure of the options listed here, using proper random numbers to pick the words. It requires non-pure-perl dependancies however.

  use Crypt::Diceware words => { wordlist => 'XKCDCommon1949' }
  say join " ", words(4);

Crypt::XkcdPassword can be configured to use proper random numbers, but by default (as in the example shown below) it doesn't.

  say Crypt::XkcdPassword->new( words => "XKCDCommon1949" )

For completeness. Doesn't have proper random number generator, relies on List::Util's shuffle method to do the random picking.

   use Acme::MetaSyntactic qw( xkcdcommon1949 );
   say join " ", metaxkcdcommon1949(4);


Written by Mark Fowler <>


Copyright Mark Fowler 2013. All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

Note that the majority of this module is just a table of data taken from Tables of data aren't generally considered copyrightable (see for an explanation)


Bugs should be reported via this distribution's CPAN RT queue. This can be found at

You can also address issues by forking this distribution on github and sending pull requests. It can be found at


Crypt::Diceware, Crypt::XkcdPassword, Acme::MetaSyntactic

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